Minutes of 04/03/31 TKR EGSE script meeting


Participants: Carmelo (Pisa), Johann (SLAC) Hiro (SLAC)


* Summary of Pisa activities: Carmelo

    o Speed up of noise and gain by multithreading DAQ and analysis.

        He had a trouble checking in the update due to conflict.

        Johann described the procedure to merge.

        SLAC will test it when it is available via CVS.

    o Test procedure documentation is being worked out.

        Johann asked distribution of draft when available.

    o Alignment scripts needs to be rerun at SLAC since the previous result

        is not correct due to some bugs.


* Status report from Johann.

    o Improving handling of bad channels in TotGain.py.

        (see below HT's comments.)

    o Started working on formatting calibration output.

        This file is in addition to test report.

        xml format is used for small number of output, e.q. Bad channels

        FITS table is used for large number of output, e.q. Gain and noise

        (The script produce intermediate binary file ans then converted to

        FITS due to stability issue with cfitsio library.)

    o Trying to clean up unnecessary scripts.

        Please list up such scripts.


* Status report from Hiro.

    o Tested TkrTotTest, TkrTotGain, TkrLivenesss.

    o Noticed that hardware xml is still used.

        The MCM numbers can be stored in schema file.

        (We talked with online people and confirmed this. It will be

        implemented in the next to next release.)

    o Also noticed that TEM# is still hard-coded.

        We need to think about how to work with multiple tower.

        (Tower serial number can be included in the schema file.

        TEM# is independent of tower serial #.)

    o Proposed to save plot images for abnormal layers or channels and link

        from test report. (Just link. No embedding to avoid clutter.)