Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

March 4, 2004


Present: SLAC, UCSC, Hytec, Swales


Action Items:

1.    Jeff Tice: dig up all the specification information for the carbon-carbon production at Alcomp.

2.    Sandro Brez: send to Martin Nordby at SLAC the tray panel dimensional information as soon as it is available from the initial tray fabrication in progress at Plyform.

3.    Dave Rich: discuss with Mike Menning on Monday how to expedite the interface hardware.


Nicola emailed the T/V status: the test set-up has been completed outside the chamber, until step number 220 in the (unfilled) Test Log - Step by Step Procedure sheet that you can find on the EM TV Bari web site (the filled Test Log, will be posted in the next days).  The thermocouples are going to be plugged to patch panels and the inner cables (signals, thermistors and heaters power supply lines) are being plugged to the IN connectors as we speak. All these operations will be completed in time with the planned schedule, then the chamber will be closed tomorrow. Pump down will follow on schedule.


Nine preproduction Teledyne MCMs were received at SLAC by Tom Borden.  This was an error in the SLAC receiving system, as all such items are supposed to go directly to Building 33.


Martin stressed the need to codify formally and archive the specifications used by Alcomp to fabricate the carbon-carbon material.  Jeff Tice will dig up the information.


Martin also said that he wants to get dimensional information on the first 10 trays now being fabricated sent to SLAC as soon as it is available.


Jeff said that thermal conductivity results should be ready on Monday for the sidewalls coupons.


Martin mentioned a new problem: the M4 sidewall inserts violate the Tracker stay clear.  He suspects that this is a real problem, due to instrumentation wire expected to be in that region, but it is being evaluated.


MCM production: Jerry said that the sole source justification went to purchasing yesterday.  Hopefully they will get the order placed today.


Dave said that the last preproduction MCMs are ready for electrical test Friday. 


25 PWBs were received from Diamond Machining.  18 were inspected at SLAC.  The results are very much the same as what Holt Machining achieved.  To avoid loss of about 20% of the parts, we need to loosen the tolerance from 50 microns to about 80 microns for the straightness of the edge along the length of the MCM.  The final result depends not just on this machining, but also on the pitch-adapter gluing, which is less well controlled and dominates the final error.


Richard Gobin will do a site survey of the Diamond Machining metrology lab.  If it is satisfactory, then Diamond will do this task for us at a price of only $5 per board.


Martin reported that the contract for the titanium parts was placed Monday with Advanced Machining in San Diego.  Tuesday he and Dave visited.  SLAC QA was also present.  They walked through all the drawings and agreed to a small set of changes.  Update of the drawings will be completed today and get out for approval, with a 24-hr turn-around requested.  The changes are minor and should not impact any assembly work to be done in Italy.  Martin said that the shop was confident of delivery of the full complement by April 9.  Full inspection will be done there and will not need to be repeated at SLAC.


Arthur reported that the drawings for the Tracker-to-Grid mounting hardware will be ready to go to a shop March 19.  Martin and Dave will try to expedite this by bringing more manpower to bear.  Dave will review this with Mike on Monday.  Test hardware design for the interface is also in progress.


Arthur also reported on the flex-cable to Grid attachment.  They are preparing an aluminum plate, with alodyne plating.  With that they will test gluing of cables with RTV and do basic strength tests.  Then they will go to a full mockup with the cable cutout (probably for C0, which is the most difficult).  They will also do thermal cycle testing on a hot plate, plus fatigue and vibration tests. 


Jeff said that they are still haggling with Parlex over the schedule on the C0 cables.  He expects them within 4 weeks.