Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

March 6, 2003


Action Items:

1. Luca will start making evaluation boards.

2. Luca will send information to Robert on Italian support of the peer review

3. Tom: check on status of the K13d procurement

4. Tom: start the procurement of the closeout pieces for the bottom tray at COI


Luca Latronico reported that they had solved the mini-tower tray noise problems by grounding the honeycomb with long screws on the service box handles and on the MCM (where they scraped away the conformal coat to make contact).  They plan to ship the trays to SLAC at the end of the next week.  At least one or two Pisa representatives will travel to SLAC with the panels. 


Luca suggested making a kapton foil with the capacitive load of detector strips to use to test MCMs.  He called it an "evaluation board."  It was agreed that they will make some now at CERN to use with prototype MCMs.  The end of it will have a fanout such that it can be used even on MCMs without pitch adapters.


Luca reported on some of the test results.  One tray was particularly noisy: Tray 2 with G on back and F2 on front.  Both sides are noisy, although the noise is not randomly distributed.  On the front there are 80 noisy strips spread across >1 ladder.  On the back there are 200 noisy strips, mostly on ladders 2-3.


Luca agreed to supply Robert with info on how Italy will support the peer review preparations.


Tom reported that Hytec is working on completing the reduced model.  For that reason they are delaying the final run of the structural model until next week.  He needs to get money to COI, so that COI will release the test results to us.  Renderings will arrive from Hytec by noon tomorrow for the peer review.  The requition for K13d is in procurements' hands.  Tom will check on it today.  Closeout pieces for the EM bottom tray will be fabbed at COI. Tom needs to get that procurement started.