Minutes of the Tracker Meeting


New Action Items (omitting those I know already to be done):

  1. Jerry: check on delivery of bias circuits
  2. Jeff: check status of shims
  3. All: sign off the vibe fixture drawing asap
  4. All: review the top/bottom tray assembly drawings
  5. Albert: request reject MCM PWB/pitch-adapter assemblies from Teledyne, to send to Pisa
  6. Sandro: check with his vendor on the titanium material specification; also the 6062 aluminum for MCM pins


May 14, 2004


Sandro predicted that they could have the titanium material by May 21 and the inserts by May 28.  The Ti alloy is as specified in Martin's email.  Machining time is the same for aluminum and titanium.  Mike advised that coating on the titanium is not needed.  For flight the screws will be coated with Solithane before installation, to lock them, and the Solithane will act as a lubricant.


Sandro will start MCM pin machining immediately.  He needs to sign the pin drawing and then it will be released.


From G&A there was no news.  Sandro will go there Monday.


Jerry said that SLAC received 37 bias circuits this week.  Parlex should be turning them out now at 125/week.  Jerry will check on delivery. 


Mirco is writing an NCR on mid-tray primers, including serial numbers of the trays and closeouts already painted.

Ben recommended the ASTM standard for the tape lift test.  Ben will find the reference, and Sandro will repeat the test on closeouts painted with the wash primer.


The static test schedule was worked out to be June 7, with setup taking place the prior Wednesday. 

The Static test needs shims.  They are on order since 2 weeks and should arrive soon; Jeff will double check.


The vibe test could be June 14 earliest.  Sandro requested addition of an M5 grounding screw to the vibration fixture.  The drawing has been sent to Natalie to go out for release, so Mike asked Sandro to reply to that with his request.

Vibe test needs:

- vibe fixture: 4 weeks for 18 was quoted by Tapemation; Jeff will have to check on early delivery of 1 unit.  Full dimensional inspection is needed.

- studs and cones need added coating and locking features; Santa Clara for the coating, Los Angeles for the locking feature

- nitronix nuts and square nuts are needed

- thermal strap design is in progress: Mike Foss.  Jeff will check with what vendor Hytec had them made (Continental Machining in Albuquerque).

- We need the hardware at latest on June 9th for a June 14 start. 


We need to review the aluminum tape selected for sidewalls: all such things have to go onto the tower assembly drawing.  Are perforations needed?


Sandro will find out info from G&A on Monday on the bottom tray grounding wire and send the info to Martin.


A bottom-tray core NCR was opened and dispositioned by INFN for Plyform to cut existing cores to size for the first two bottom trays.

Jeff reported that the new core delivery is expected next week, just slightly late for Tower A.


Sandro requested that SLAC supply him with some MCMs for G&A with just board and pitch adapter.  Teledyne has a substantial stock of such rejects that we should be able to get.  Albert will request them.


May 17, 2004


Sandro reported that G&A was delayed a week due to errors in the mockup and tooling drawings.  They will be able complete an evaluation of MCM bondability by the end of this week.  Next week they will test the alignment system with rejected trays.

MCM pins: the material is on order and is expected by the end of this week.  Pins could be ready by mid next week, so the end of next week is the earliest week to start assembling MCMs onto flight trays. 

A released procedure and assembly drawings are needed by that time.  Sandro is working on redlining the assembly drawings and should be able to send the results to Martin tomorrow.


The bakeout apparatus was updated and the procedure should be ready to go out for release tomorrow.


G&A started to procure material for the grounding lug.  They plan a pure, soft copper lug soldered to a wire, with the assembly silver plated.  A stainless steel screw will hold it to the tray.  Martin has been talking to some EEE parts experts and was told that a crimped connection is preferable to solder.  He has been looking for a standard commercial part.  He will follow up on this and on investigating the G&A specs that Sandro provided:

Martin said that he sent to Sandro a recommended specification for procurement of titanium for the inserts.  Sandro will check with his vendor tomorrow on what specification they are using and let Martin know.  Martin also cautioned that the 6062 aluminum for the MCM pins needs a formal procurement spec.


Ben Rodini sent the ASTM spec number D3359 to Sandro.  Jeff Tice will forward the actual spec text to Sandro.


Martin reported that the facesheet, sidewall, MCM pin, and top-tray MCM closeouts drawings all were released, but Natalie has not yet been able actually to put them into LATDOCs.  The vibe fixture drawings will go out today for signoff.


Martin said that he is sending out today the bottom and top tray panel assembly drawings for review  A few associated issues, such as the grounding lug, as still in work.


Sandro said that the sidewall spec and top/bottom tray panel assembly procedure are under revision by Riccardo.  Robert will request status from Riccardo.