Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

May 22, 2002



1. EM schedule progress

      - Insert bonding tool

      - Plyform machining of closeouts

      - Tray panel assembly tools (regular and superglast)

      - Tray panel assembly tools (top/bottom)

      - Drawings for tungsten and Kapton assembly tools

      - ASICs

2. Drawing status

3. Vibration experiment at Ames, status

4. Ladder for UCSC

5. A.O.B.


Action items:

  1. Luisella and Erik: check the mid-tray assembly drawings for release by BJ.
  2. Luisella: find the closeout material and machined closeout shipment at the Pisa airport.  Send the shipment to Plyform.
  3. Ossie: check availability of a machine shop for the top/bottom tray assembly tools.
  4. Tom: check on the completion date of the ASIC run.
  5. Ossie: call Ames to schedule the vibration experiment
  6. Luisella: get a ladder bonded to Robert’s fixture and ship to SLAC or UCSC.


Luisella reported that the insert bonding tool for mid trays is at the machining shop and will be finished Friday or Monday.  The drawings for the top/bottom insert bonding tool are in progress.

The tray assembly tool for mid trays has been remachined to correct tolerances and will be checked again next week.

Luisella has been working primarily on assembly documentation for Plyform.  They need to have clear documentation of requirements and tolerances before beginning work.  She will send a draft to us when ready. 

Luisella is still working with BJ on drawings of the mid-tray assembly, which are also needed by Plyform.  BJ can finish it today.  It then needs a release okay from Luisella and Erik.

Plyform’s contractor is machining the first batch of closeouts.  16 have been machined.  Ricardo will go to Plyform tomorrow to make dimensional tests on them. 


Tom said that the last batch of closeout material and the closeouts machined by GMSI should already be at the Pisa airport.  Luisella will check on them and send them to Plyform as soon as possible (possibly with Ricardo).


Luisella estimated that they can begin bonding of inserts next week at Plyform and they are about 2 weeks away from beginning tray assembly.  She estimated 10 days to complete all of the closeout machining.


The tungsten and Kapton assembly tool drawings are still in progress by Luisella but are delayed because she must concentrate on the tray-assembly documentation for Plyform.

She estimates 2 weeks to complete them and 2 weeks to machine. 


BJ has completed the top/bottom tray assembly tooling drawings but still needs to incorporate all the feedback from Luisella (including some feedback during this meeting).  Ossie will check on the machine shop availability for machining these tools.


Robert reported that the ASICs were submitted to MOSIS a week or two ago.  The start date is not clear, as there was some back-and-forth on DRC checks and corrections (we had MOSIS run a Design-Rule-Check in addition to our own to avoid catastrophe’s such as happened in the previous submission).   Tom will check with Dave on the expected date of completion of the fabrication.


Tom reported that the vibration experiment is nearly ready to go, except that he is waiting on the bottom tray, which was shipped yesterday by GMSI.  We still need to do counterbores at SLAC (quick and low-precision) and bond in the new inserts.  The sidewalls are machined and the inserts installed.  The screws are at SLAC.  Once the bottom tray is ready, we will then assemble the tower.  The gasket material has all arrived at SLAC.  The experiment will be conducted next week at Ames.  Ossie will call them today to schedule it.  Tom now has 3 gasket materials but is not sure whether he will test all 3.  He wants to feel them to judge which to try first.  At least a second material will be tested on one axis (horizontal vibration).  He will also do a test of removing a screw from a flexure to see the effect.


Luisella said that the fixture delivered to Pisa by Robert for a test ladder is not the correct size for the mini_MCM.  Robert said not to worry about it.  The mini-MCM can be mounted by tape if necessary, and some overhand doesn’t matter.  Pisa will mount the ladder and then ship it to UCSC.  UCSC is ready to connect a mini-MCM and begin testing the noise performance.


Erik finished his thermal tests on the flexures.  He wants to do one more test to the bottom tray, namely to fix it to an aluminum plate and temperature cycle it to see if it breaks.   The main point is just to justify the use of the flexures.  He is finishing his report on vibration test results with just some fine tuning remaining.  He will also write a report on the recent thermal tests.