Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

May 27, 2004


Action Items:

  1. INFN: update and close the NCR for the primer
  2. Riccardo: send Martin the top-tray closeout machining inspection reports
  3. Robert: send Riccardo the needed LATDOCs numbers (done)
  4. Robert: update PS-1801 and send to Natalie for release
  5. Robert: review Jerry’s comments on the sidewall spec
  6. Robert: find somebody to order T/V cables
  7. Robert: find somebody to order the outer shipping container


John Ku and Mark Molini are preparing to bring all needed hardware for the static test, including the grid simulator, cones, studs, hex bushings, nuts, tools (spanner wrenches, dithering tool, extraction tools 2 types).  They are also bringing all tools used in interface hardware development testing, including the aluminum piece that simulates the grid (Arthur will demonstrate), and shims.


The cone setting template and offline cone setting tools are not available yet but not needed for the static and EM tests.


Mark Molini is also bringing the CV2500, 2646, and 1142 adhesives.


Vibration fixture status: Drawings are approved and released.  Mike met with purchasing; Bev Freeman was assigned as the buyer.  She has gone out with an RFQ.  Responses are expected today. We are requesting 2 units from each of 2 vendors.  Requested date is June 11, but certainly no guarantee yet.  Sandro said that the vibe test request data has been moved to June 21 and communicated to Alenia.   There will be no kapton or SSDs or electronics on the bottom tray in the EM test.  To meet this test date, he needs the grid simulator in Pisa June 15.


Mike reported that the square nut plates are due in next week and the niconix nuts this week.  The coating and locking features for the studs will take 1.5 weeks based on known performance.


The installation plan for the static test is fairly completed but will still be updated some.  SLAC has coated studs now to use to evaluate better the torque spec.  Emilio plans to use Arthur's draft plan as procedure to be redlined in process.  The static test procedure itself is being worked by John Ku.  A preliminary TRR is scheduled for next Wednesday.


Dave told us about a plan to prepare for Tower-A alignment based on using Tom Borden’s tower simulator for development and practice.  Tom has reworked the corner flexures with conics and is installing new side flexures.  A CMM expert (contractor) will be at SLAC on June 14,15 and will work with the CMM to write a program for the alignment procedure.  This will be tested on the tower simulator.  They will then mount this tower simulator on the grid simulator and measure knowledge of the grid-simulator tooling balls and 4 large alignment balls on the top tray.  Then they will take the simulator to Pisa on June 21 with this expert and Robert Ruland.  There they will work with Emilio and Riccardo to go through the routines using the Pisa CMM.


Mid tray panel fabrication status:

- Closure of primer issues: the INFN NCR should reflect concurrence of Rodini, Nordby, Rich, etc. in the decision to use the 9924 primer.

- Drawing update: no progress, SLAC presently is only working on the drawings with payload

- Nusil: the 2646 the Mark Molini is taking is needed at Plyform

- Bias circuits: Jim took 43 to Pisa.  Darren said that Parlex will deliver 250 next week

- facesheet samples for Ben: Jim is carrying them back to SLAC


Top/bottom tray panel fabrication

- inserts: to be in hand next Monday or Tuesday

- assembly tooling: Next Friday

- closeout machining (top tray): in progress;  Martin wants to see the inspection report and drawing redlines (if any).  Martin said that INFN needs to make sure that there is a 100% inspection of all dimensions for the first 3 closeouts of each type.

- drawings: Martin is waiting for info on lugs and the soldering method in order to finalize the bottom tray assembly drawing.  Sandro directed him to a sketch in the assembly procedure; Martin will use that and send out the drawing for release.

Martin will modify the paint call-out on the closeout assembly drawings.

- assembly procedure: Riccardo needs some LATDOCs numbers from Robert for all the tooling drawings.

Schedule: Sandro predicts June 10 to have the first bottom tray done with static and vibration


Tray assembly at G&A

- status of development work & tests at G&A: they are recovering from some errors in the tooling drawings.  At this time the tools are ready for MCM attachment; they are working on defining the program for glue dispensing.  Wire bonding tests in progress.  Sandro will be there in 8 days to see all results.

- TMCM pins: 2 days ago the aluminum was received.  The first pins will be ready for test mid next week (Thursday, since Wednesday is a holiday).


G&A will first assemble two non-flight trays, using preproduction MCMs and rejected ladders.  Dave will tell Albert to bring back scrapped PWBs with pitch adapters from Teledyne.  Robert will look for available preproduction MCMs to send for this purpose.  G&A has used the first 10 preproduction MCMs for the mockup trays.

- Nusil: the CV2502 at SLAC should be shipped to Pisa immediately.

- MCM receiving and test: Luca reported that all 11 passed the tests

- assembly drawings: Martin reported that check prints will be out next Tuesday and Thursday; first priority is the mid tray with thin converter (drawing DS-00180).

- documentation release: 1801, 3359 and 3534; Robert received the 1801 update from Sandro but needs to do some editing on it to correct cross references and resolve a TBD and TBRs.


Flex-circuit cables

- C0 EGSE cables: due June 10 from Parlex

- Flight cables: an expensive quote was received from Parlex, with substantial expediting charges to meet our needs for the first two sets.  We will have to order only 21 sets: 1 for Gunther, 18 flight, and 2 spares.  We will find a different solution for EGSE (in addition to the 10 C0 cables on order).

- Burn-in cables: Jerry is ordering 10 new ones, to be loaded with new, flight Omnetics connectors.



- prepreg is in route; Plyform is ready to receive it

- titanium washers: were due at SLAC 2 days ago but no status at this meeting

- specification release (PS-3467): Natalie just sent it out for final comments.  Robert needs to look at some comments that came back from Jerry Clinton.


- EGSE status: Robert needs to get status info from Gunther.  SLAC needs to send over a couple more sets in the next weeks.  Jack has an action to look into the Alenia sets, which will need to go into vacuum.  Robert needs to find somebody to help order 10m cables for the T/V, as Jeff never got it done before leaving.


Other MGSE status

- Lifting fixture: Wing Ing revised the drawings to have aluminum plates instead of flexures.  The plates have shoulder bolts and oversized holes in some arrangement to avoid prestressing the tray.

- Inner shipping container: Martin is working on the design; the vibe fixture and cable holding plate are included as integral parts of this.  Design of the cable holding plate was also taken over by Martin; he is changing the design so that we can plug into the TEM without removing the cable holding plate.

- Outer shipping container: nothing done on this; Robert needs to find somebody to run the procurement.

- T/V test planning status: Nanda noted that the heat-strap drawing uses American screws; they need to be delivered with the heat strap (note needed on the tower assembly drawing).  Martin noted that the T/V GSE drawings need to be released in LATDOCs.  SLAC will use them to make a drawing of the test configuration.


There was some discussion of heat strap design issues; INFN wants to glue the parts together; they need to send a clear explanation of the need for this because of a large impact on the design and analysis.