Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

May 29, 2003


Action Items:

  1. Sandro: send an MCM test jig to UCSC
  2. Erik: work on analysis support of the vibration testing
  3. Tom: send shipping instructions to Erik for titanium parts, etc.
  4. Erik: send the list of parts to Tom
  5. Sandro: send Robert a note on G&A status
  6. Tom: get the drill template machining issues straightened out
  7. Sandro: check that Plyform has all necessary sidewall drawings
  8. Tom: make a detailed plan for the EM sidewalls; find a vendor for the conductivity tests
  9. Jeff: find the M4 sidewall mounting screws and respond to Jerry’s email about fasteners


Sandro reported that he has 3 samples of Kapton circuit for loading preamp inputs.  Each strip has about 20pF of capacitance (about half of an actual strip on an SSD ladder).  He will mount the circuit and MCM on an aluminum tube of square cross section and then wire bond.  He will send 1 such setup to Santa Cruz.


The M55J closeouts are in the Bergamo airport.  Sandro should have them tomorrow.  When they arrived customs needed more information, but they sent the query to the wrong fax number.  The pro-forma invoice was not clear enough as to what the materials were.


Erik reported that Hytec will have a pretest analysis report and test plan for the static test in draft form early next week.  They will also revisit the random vibration vibration analysis, to pull out expectations to be referred to during testing.


Tom will send instructions to Erik for shipping titanium parts to Italy.  They should declare a small value with a note that there is no commercial value.  Erik will try to drive to Albuquerque, inspect the parts, and then ship them DHL.  He and Tom will get paperwork put together in advance.  Erik will send the complete list of pieces to Tom.


Sandro will send a note to Robert on the G&A status.


BJ reported that the cable bending jig is in the shop being machined.


Tom reported on the drill template saga: the SLAC shop is starting working on the blank.  But we need better precision machines for locating the holes.  Tom is talking to COI about whether they could do it.  It is needed June 19.  Sandro thought that they would use it at G&A to do the actual drilling of the flexures, since the following step will be ladder and MCM mounting.


Sandro needs to check if Plyform has all the sidewall panel drawings.  Plyform will do coupon tests for mechanical strength.  We need to include a thermal conductivity test, but Plyform cannot do that.  Tom or Erik will need to make arrangements with another vendor to do that test.  Sidewall 4mm and 2.5mm inserts will be at Hytec on June 2.  Erik will ship most of them to Italy with the corner brackets.  Tom will work on a plan for getting the sidewall work completed.


The vibration fixture design is in place, and BJ is starting the fabrication process.  We discussed whether to drill the flexure mounting holes directly (without the match drill jig).  The true position tolerance on the holes is 25 microns.


Testing of MCMs is predicted to start at Teledyne next Wednesday (a 1-week delay, due to availability of machines at Teledyne).  Minitower delivery is now a couple of weeks late on the whole.


Erik said that he has not been able to find M4 100-degree countersink screws.  Jeff is looking into that.  Tom and/or Jeff will respond to Jerry’s email about fasteners.