Minutes of the Tracker meeting

April 29, 2003


Tom and BJ will design the tool for installing flexure blade.


Tom & BJ will modify the flex-circuit cable bending tool for use after connectors installed.


Pisa/Plyform will modify the top-tray assembly jig for use on the bottom tray.


The insert bonding tool needs some modification.Sandro needs the bottom-tray drawings for this.They are in the release process.Tom will check that it is in Cyberdocs.Bracket drawings also will be put into Cyberdocs.


Sandro & Ronaldo are coming to the CDR; possibly also Nicola.


Sandro will look into how to get the brackets shipped to Plyform quickly when they are ready.


SLAC will need to start preparing for shipping the mini-tower.


Sidewall material will be shipping on the 1st, arriving on the 5th. Sandro will contact Plyform to agree on how to proceed with them.


Bottom-tray inserts (1st week of May) will be done by the same atelier that will modify the insert tool.Tom will make sure the insert drawings go to Sandro.Robert will add this to the EM schedule.


Tom is still looking at how to get corner brackets quicker but is not optimistic.


Tower assembly tooling status:They are still making the drawings in Pisa.Sandro is having discussions with Pontetti at G&A on machining the tools.The new design includes a mechanical lift to move trays carefully and reduce manual activity with trays.


Sandro send schedule estimates for the EM tray assembly.



Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

May 2, 2003


Sandro & Ricardo will review the bottom tray and bias circuit drawings.


Sandro will send the encapsulation dam drawing to SLAC when it is ready.


Robert said that SLAC/UCSC will provide a schematic for the TEM dummy to be used during EM environmental testing.


Sandro described needs for the environmental testing.We will have to lengthen the GASU cable and the low voltage cable.They will either need connectors with wires or a long cable to cut in half, so that the TV feedthrough connectors can be put into the ciruit.The estimated length is about 10 m.†† Two of each. will be needed.


Tom said that COI will provide closeouts on May 15.Corner fittings are now the schedule driver for getting to the bottom-tray assembly.


BJ is designing a tool for installing pins in the corner flexures.


Sandro asked about thermal strap attachment.They have to go on at the same time as the sidewalls.Tom said that some kind of adhesive will be used on the Tracker end.We still need to work out an exact sequence.We resolved to discuss this when Sandro is at SLAC for the CDR.


Nusil 2502 should go out today, on its way to Pisa.The honeycomb samples were shipped by DHL to Pisa.(Sandro said that there is a Fed-Ex office in the Pisa airport that could be tried.)Tom will send a pro-forma invoice for these items.


There was a discussion of the 2.5mm pins.They donít need to be hardened.Italy would need to machine them, as they are not a standard item.