Minutes of the Tracker Meeting, May 6, 2003


Erik will send drawings for the walls of the static test fixture in a couple of days.  They will have a height of 5 trays, so we could get 3 from a full-size panel.  Erik needs 2 sets, to be safe.


Tom will discuss with Sandro whether Plyform can machine these panels and put in the inserts.


Hytec will also make drawings of the sidewall test coupons.  They are adding additional tests with the new M4 inserts.


Minutes of the Tracker Meeting, May 8, 2003


Tom asked if we need to put a groove on the closeout drawings for the grounding wire.  No, said Sandro, the groove is done at the tray level.

Also, another grounding scheme is being worked on.  The idea is to put in wires from the honeycomb to all 4 closeout walls from the inside.  No external modifications would be needed.


Regarding starting up flight tray production, Sandro said that machining of inserts and material procurements will be starting soon. 


Before machining closeout pieces we need the following issues closed:

-          modification of venting holes in the structural walls to make a visible asymmetry in the tray.  Sandro has sent BJ instructions for this.

-          testing and acceptance of the final core grounding scheme.

-          testing and acceptance of the new MCM mounting scheme.


There was a discussion of ideas for tooling to clamp the MCM in place while gluing.  BJ said that the tolerance of the MCM mounting holes is a true position of 0.05 mm.  Sandro proposed to use two of these holes as reference for mounting the MCMs.  In that case he would need larger holes in the carbon-carbon to avoid interference, and he would remove the reference knobs on the thermal boss.  Up to now the mounting holes in the board have not been the reference.  Only the bottom edge is a precision reference for the vertical placement.  The horizontal reference was assumed to be slightly adjustable, in order to align the MCM traces with those on the bias circuit.  Sandro will relook at this approach and discuss it at SLAC next week.  The final scheme will be tested with EM trays.  Robert stressed that this all needs to be settled, tested, and reviewed before machining closeouts. 


Luca Baldini summarized the mini-tower status.  It is working and taking cosmic-ray events with no crashes and minimal errors.  One layer has lots of excess trigger requests, which needs study.  Eduardo said that they plan to study the system trigger timing, also.  Recently they found an event decoding bug in offline and are working on fixing it.  Then the large data sets can be analyzed.


Tom reported that two closeout pieces for the bottom tray are coming tomorrow and will be measured.  The rest will arrive mid next week.  He and BJ will fab the drill tool soon.  The drawing is 95% done.  They will send it to Erik for review.


Sandro said that he needs to contact Plyform to understand their production plans before settling the issue of whether Plyform can machine the sidewalls for the static test fixture.