TRR Centro Tecnica Milano.

May 6, 2004

Notes from Nanda Menon

The agenda was sent by INFN to CT.

The test fixture tool discussion is to be held with CT for the new BT design. There will be an accel put on the +x/+y corner flexure diagonal. This will be a 3 axis accel. This can be a single axis one looking into the main mode of the flexure. This will save some channels as the number of channels are limited. There will also be an accel on one of each kind of the side flexures - the smaller one +x/-x. This will also be a single axis accel. The center of the BT will have a single axis and one single axis half way between center and one corner.

CT wanted to make sure that the axes are marked clearly on the trays as well as the up side.

CT presented their internal proc and traveler for the execution of the test at their facility. The INFN proc needs to be update for the resonance frequency of each of the trays per the AI from the SLAC TRR. The frequency of the trays have a pretty tight spread from the previous tests and the specification is +/- 3%.

A list was generated for CT of the people to contact incase of problems and a list email address to send notifications. Ct will have an NCR for each of the case - minor or major.

The first tray level tests are to start next Monday. The CT proc # is VD0307907INPQ.

The test report for each tray is VR0307901IBTR_XXX (384).

INFN to give the dimension and weight of the trays to CT. CT will make a digital photo of the tray during incoming and before packing for shipment.

Lunch was OK.

There will be 4 or 8 trays for vib test on Monday and the next week about 10 trays.

Visit of the facility was done and it was confirmed that the vib area is a clean area and not 100k level. They have another vib table out side the main area for emergency use incase there is schedule conflict for the main shaker.


Nicola Saggini and CT fixture designer had a side discussion to define the BT and TT fixture. The fixture need date was defined as 24 may. CT to investigate the possibility to have it ready that week. The action items generated related tto this are as reported in the official MOM.


INFN Bari has completed the updat for the proc and will be sending it out for review and sign off. The sign-off is needed by 7 May as there is tray vibration test planned for 10 May.


INFN will supply CT with calibrated wrench for the torque of the first trays into the fixture as their tool is under calibration check. This will take place prior to Monday 10 May.