Meeting Minutes 12-13-04

Tower A, Receiving and Test at SLAC




Ken Fouts

Brian Grist

R. Johnson (morning session)

D. Rich

Steve Lundgren

Hiro Tajima

Jeff Tice

Larry Wai

Tom Himel

Martin Nordby

Peter A.

E. Ortez



Tracker I&T Assignments:

R. Johnson (Subsystem Manager)

D. Rich(Tracker management for I&T effort)

H. Tajima (Electrical Testing)

T. Himel(ESD Testing)

S. Lundgren(Mechanical operations and logistics)



Next Meeting:Wednesday 12/15/04,1:30 to 3:00 pm, GLAST Conf. Rm. III




  1. R. Johnson reported that no insurance is required for Tower A shipment (per L. Klaisner)
  2. Tracker will provide TEM and Crate (EGSE test set)
  3. EMI Acceptance Testing will be performed on Tower A.This test will be conducted in the B/33 clean room.EMI Qual Testing will be deferred until Tower B.Qual Testing will be performed offsite in the bay area.Tom Himel is working on details of all EMI testing.
  4. Post-shipment alignment verification will be performed on Tower A.This will be a repeat of the CMM measurements performed by Pisa for an upright Tower mounted onto the Tracker baseplate assembly.This measurement will be performed in B/25 by Eric Lundahl and Robert Ruland. This one-time test will verify that during transportation, that tower alignments have remained stable.





  1. (J. Tice) Contact INFN and find out air shipment arrangements for Tower A.
  2. (J. Tice) Determine support requirements to release Tower A from Customs quickly.
  3. (J. Tice) Arrange for ground transportation for Tower A from SFO to SLAC B/33.
  4. (J. Tice/Ortez) Arrange for forklift to move Tower A shipping container from truck to B/33 receiving area.
  5. (S. Lundgren) Review constraints to ensure that before opening outer shipping container lid, temperatures have stabilized to prevent condensation on Tower A.
  6. (S. Lundgren) Re-proof test the Tracker Lifting Fixture for added weight of Tower support stand (and EMI support hardware).
  7. (Tice/Lundgren)Review grounding requirements for the outer shipping container, inner shipping container, Tower A and ensure features are in place for grounding and ESD requirements.I&T will provide traveling ground strap as required.Flow any changes, modifications, or configuration constraints to INFN to ensure Tower A has required grounding features for all articles if required.
  8. (Peter A.)Create a figure or sketch depicting hardware test configuration.
  9. (Ken F.) Provide break-out-box for Flex Cable to TEM.ECD: tbd. Qty. 6 currently being fabricated.
  10. (T. Himel) Deliver Test Cable Extensions (18 inch long) that go between TEM-bob-Flex Cables.Drawing number:___________________
  11. (Lundgren/Peter A.)Proof load the Tower Support Stand (MGSE) in conjunction with re-proof load test of inner shipping container.
  12. (Lundgren/Tice)Purchase and proof test the Tower Scissor Lift (MGSE).
  13. (Himel/Nordby) Finalize EMI design for Tracker towers.Trailblaze installation method using I&Tís mock-up or EM Tower.Arrange for installation of EMI preps on Tower A.
  14. (Himel)Supply test cables for EMI testing use.Drawing number: ____________
  15. (R. Johnson)Provide INFNís dark box design to I&T.
  16. (Lundgren) Draft procedure(s) for mechanical handling and test configuration for Tracker Tower receipt and testing.Table Top review of draft procedure Wednesday 12/15/04.Goal is to incorporate comments are release on Friday 12/17/04.
  17. (J. Tice) Measure CMM area in B/25 for particle count and ESD field strength adjacent to CMM.Also ensure that facility ground is available for Tower A.
  18. (D. Rich/E. Lundahl) Get crane in B/25 CMM lab certified for lift. Crane use prohibited due to Safety Stand-down.
  19. (Rich/Lundgren) Draft a Microsoft Project Schedule for Tower A Receiving and Test.