Minutes of 29 January Meeting

Attendees: Jack Goodman, Tom McCarthy, Francesco Giordano, Nicola Mazziotta, Silvia RainÚ, Mauro Baldassari, Andrea Tenze, Nanda Menon


MLI Blanket

Thermal blanket design: Alenia has been given the drawings for the blanket procurement.

Agreement on how to attach the Blanket on the cage. ††



-                Alenia provided the total number and type of the available heaters. Heaters best configuration on the base plate and guard shield is under study. A first agreement is for 1000W on the base plate; 150W for each lateral side of the shield and 75W for the top. A 10W heater will be on the bottom of the TEM. Jack will provide the simulation results about the best power distribution and INFN Bari will finalize the location and the type of heaters.



-                Alenia will provide all the power supplies needed (10 + spares); Alenia will manufacture all the cables.

The standard connector on the TEM is not for vacuum. It has been decided to solder directly on the TEM the cables for thermistors and tower power supplying. INFN Bari will provide the correct pin connections to Alenia for the vacuum cable manufacturing.

-                TEM: INFN Pisa is quickly checking the connections on the cables. The TEMwill be sent to Bari on Friday. INFN Bari needs two weeks for the preparation of the DAQ system for the thermistors read-out; in the meantime MCM resistors will be accurately checked in Pisa.




-                Alenia will produce all the thermocouples needed plus spares; Andrea is going to check with Jack and Tom the thermocouple locations on the tower. Andrea will go to Alenia in order to acquire the thermocouple assemblyprocedures.

-                Jack will send next week a table with the number and the locations of all thermocouples. About 80-90 thermocouples will be used.




INFN Bari will update the plan and procedures according to what has been discussed during the meeting. The staffing plan will be drafted and the proceduresfurther updated when the pretest predictions will be available.



A schedule on the whole EM TV activity has been discussed and approved.



All the MLI drawings, EGSE and MGSE related docs and the schedule of the TV activity are on the Bari web page:




(follow the links Environmental Test & EM Tower TV Test)