Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

November 27, 2002


Action Items:

1. Tom: get the top tray tooling shipped to Pisa.

2. Tom: check on the carbon-carbon production.

3. Tom & Ossie: look into procuring all of the flight core material.

4. Tom: start the order for the thick tungsten.


Sandro sent a photo of a ladder with encapsulated wire bonds, made by G&A using the Nusil encapsulant.  It was made from working but marginal SSDs.


Sandro said that they had to make a modification to the tool for installing thin tungsten.  Thin walls between depressions where the foils go degrade after a few uses.


Completed panels at Pisa were put in an oven for a curing cycle.  Plyform will start next week with tungsten and Kapton assembly.


Electrical tests on flight ladders look good at G&A. 


MCM-tray integration discussed yesterday at G&A during Sandro's visit.  He will send one bare tray tomorrow for them to use to develop tooling.  They also discussed encapsulation of edge bonds.  It does not appear to be easy with the low viscoscity material, as the are a lot of potential crevices for it to disappear into.


The week of Dec 16 doesn't work for G&A for a visit by Darren.  Alternatives will be investigated.


Tom said that all equipment will be available by the end of the week of Dec 12 for the Pisa electronics test set, except that an interface card is needed.  Robert asked if the one already there can be used.


Tom said that Lowell will talk to Erik Swensen about risks that the project is assuming, so that Hytec will be clear on that.


SLAC needs to ship out the top tray tooling asap.


We plan to test MCMs at Teledyne Dec 9.  Teledyne is estimating completion of the assembly toward the end of the prior week.


Tom needs to check on carbon carbon production progress.


Sandro said that Plyform does not want to work on honeycomb machining and expansion.  Can the USA do it?  Tom and Ossie will look into this.  Sandro said that an exchange of some sort can be made to cover expenses for that.


Sandro said that he has a quote for thin W, from Plansee.   It is 0.1mm thick with a tolerance of +-15microns.  He will order 222 plates (200mm by 790mm), one for each tray. 

Tom will check on getting together the order for the thick tungsten.


A review of the Tracker ASICs is scheduled for December 6.