Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

November 4, 2004


Tile etching is going well.  Tiles were shipped last week, and tests yesterday were good.

Sandro reported that in the previous production of 27 trays, 10 of them had bubbles > 2cm and were lanced with cuts 1 or 2mm long.  The lancing was done in such as way as to avoid scratching the substrate below.  Persis recommended an MRB for these trays, on Monday at 8:00am PST.


On Friday Riccardo introduced improvements at Plyform: better outgassing of the glue was achieved by using a larger beaker.  The tool to assemble Kapton was slightly changed to improve evacuation of air, and they modified the vacuum procedure.  Afterwards 10 trays were produced, and the biggest bubble was 20 by 25 mm.  50% of trays have 1 or 2 small bubbles (up to 1 cm).  Only one tray had a bubble > 2cm.


Sandro reported that the tray with the bad MCM has a temperature dependent contact of the bias.  When cold it doesn’t work.  Sandro repeated with 6 other MCMs and found 1 with the same effect, with no connection at low temperature.   There was some discussion of the need to take care not to bend the MCM during opening the MCM cases.  Sandro reminded us that the mid and light trays did not lose any channels during thermal cycling.


SLAC QA and Dave Nelson are at Parlex for a QA review.  There are still some coupon failures in the new process.  Of 8 cables, 5 passed both pucks & coupons and 3 failed both puck & coupon.

We have the following cables with good coupons:

Post improvement: C4,5,6 with good coupons.

Pre improvement: C0,3,7 with good coupons.

Titan cables are due Dec 1.


Jeff reported that SLAC will receive new 100-degree M2.5 screws next week from same vendor as made the 120-degree screws.


Tomorrow SLAC will do a fit check of the inner container in the cradle of the outer container.  The plan is to wait to do the drop test on the second article.  SLAC will need 1 data logger returned from Pisa for this.


The next prepreg shipment should go from COI to Pisa next week.  It needs to arrive in Pisa no later in the week than Wednesday, for INFN Pisa to have time before the weekend to get it out of customs.

Sandro said that Plyform will put up the bond to get the prepreg out of customs in Rome.


Steve said that regarding the corner bracket fit problem, he needs measurements of the top tray closeout, because the corner bracket measured good to print at SLAC.  Pisa will try a fit check as soon as they get the new brackets and will send top tray measurements.