interoffice memorandum

to: Persis drell, Robert Johnson, Steve Kahn, Charlie Young, Albert Nguyen, Dave Rich, Jerome Lepulu.

from: Richard Gobin.


subject: Teledyne production stoppage recovery plan due to excessive broken traces on lat-ds-00370 rev.6, PITCH adapter.

date: Jan. 6, 2005


an urgent meeting was held today in bldg. 28 TO discuss the issues associated with excessive broken pitch adapter traces at teledyne which yielded 0% acceptable mip-1 tmcms Following production start up @ teledyne.


Ateending the meeting:

persis drell

steve kahn

charlie young

robert johnson

richard gobin



charlie young reported results of the second effort at teledyne to attach ds-00370 pitch adapter to the bare pwbs on wednesday, january 5, 2005.




this effort included four ddi bare pwbs which were not deburred at slac.


this effort also included four pitch adapters. two pitch adpaters were manufactured at parlex, san jose and two were manufactured by dyconex, switzerland.


the results of the flex attachment are documented in trip report dated 1-6-2005 from charlie young & richard gobin. all four pitch adpaters exhibted excessive broken traces and were deemed rejected. photographs of the four rejected pitch adpaters have been received from teledyne to slac 1-6-2005.



we believe the following are contributors to the root cause:


1.     radius of the bare pwb is not even & controlled to the 1mm requirement.

2.     pitch adapter lot to lot variation.

3.     pitch adapter plating thickness of nickel over copper not controlled to the 150micro-inches requirement per note 5 on dwg. lat-ds-oo370 rev.6

4.     the 1mm radius has little margin for process variations present with each production run.

5.     uneven pitch adpater attachment across entire length of flex due to teledyne bending fixtures (3mt1601210 1-4) OR radius of pwb stiffener.







1.     diamond tool & die pwb radius control early vs. late: ( rg/dr/cy)

2.     section pwb at good & bad locations. (cy)

a.   measure radius

b.    robert kirby

3.     new fixturing i.e. compression vs. tension (cy/rj)

4.     review mechanical drawings to determine if pwb radius can be relaxed to >1mm. (rj)

5.     provide tool radius tool history from diamond tool & die. (

a.   recall the 12 routers used.

b.    history of all pwbs.

6.     purchase additional dyconex pitch adapters (rj/J. tice)

7.     slac to manufacture aluminum mandrel/fixture to <1mm, 1mm & >1mm radius. (cy)

8.     measure pwb radius exhaustively. (CY/RG)

9.     gather plating thickness measurements from parlex, san jose & dyconex, SAwitzerland (rg/cy)

10. photos of failed boards at teledyne. (rg)