Parlex Meeting



Adhesive process




    1. Adhesive should be placed in a vapor barrier bag at all times, to avoid any moisture.
    2. When remove from freeze bring to room temp prior to applying
    3. Apply 40 PSI (pressure)
    4. Rap up material 30 to 60 minutes prior to bake of 250 degrees
    5. After cleaning of connectors, connectors are to be baked to remove any moisture.



Parlex will notify SLAC of results


Create a detail work instruction and submit to SLAC for review


Review NCRs, and Cause and Corrective Actions


11-04-04 LAT QA performed a final inspection on eight flex cable at the vendors; multiple anomalies were found reviewed discrepancies with Parlex QA department and Assemblers. Cables were to be reworked and shipped to SLAC.

SLAC received flex cables on 11-03-04 LAT QA performed inspection and found the exact same type of anomalies but now different locations of the cable.


1.     Damaged connector pins

2.     Foreign material in connector socket

3.     Foreign material in between connector sockets

4.     No test data to validate retest of cables

5.     Missing micro sections and coupons






Omnectics connectors









SLACs requirements



Parlex QA (Frank Golden) could not indicate on how Parlex could implement requirement, but for the mean time QA Nancy Snow would fax QCMRs to SLAC with in the required 24hr period.


LAT QA to provide Parlex a Fax No.



As of today Parlex still has not implemented any type of material trace ability on adhesive material. (Conformal coat, epoxy, adhesive film, and solder)

Parlex indicated that they could add the information in there work order traveler


Parlex submitted Qual procedure to SLAC for review and approval as of today procedure has not been approved by SLAC




Parlex has not received a revision 2, SOW from SLAC

LAT Tracker Engineering must work with Subcontracts to send rev 2 SOW ASAP. LAT QA to work with Tracker Engineering to ensure all revisions are incorporated.



SLAC to Redline the appropriate documentation to incorporate flex (pwb) Military Standard 5084


SLAC to Redline the appropriate documentation to incorporate connector savers.




Coupon and Micro-section



SEM results will be sent to Parlex


Results will be sent to Parlex


Parlex / SLAC to submit samples




Several weeks ago GSFC visited Parlex and reviewed (written doc) a polishing technique with Parlex QA department to insure that any anomalies would be detected at in process inspection rather than at the Customer (GSFC).

Parlex never implemented the polishing technique due to the time that was involved, and there production schedule.