Meeting at Parlex, Methuen MA

Flex Circuit Cable Coupon Failures

Meeting Minutes 8-27-04





            David Rich  (SLAC/ Tracker Engr. Mgr)

            Jerry Clinton  (SLAC/ Mfg. Engr.)

            Nick Virmani  (Swales/GSFC)

            Frank Golden (Parlex, Dir. Of Corp. QA)

            William Vesey  (Parlex, Senior Staff Engr.)

            Bob Lee  (Parlex, Proj. Mgr. NPI)


Objective:  Discuss NCR 152,  Coupons had several separations between barrel plating and internal layers.  Also, some samples had missing annular rings.


We reviewed non-conformances and photos of samples from NCR(s).

Nick Virmani brought micro section samples from GSFC.

We went to Parlex micro section inspection lab and reviewed both GSFC and Parlex micro sections.


Reference: - /Tracker-Hardware/images/Flex Cable Coupons/      for photos taken of Flex Cable Coupons, micro sections, inspection, Flex Cable Panel Layout, etc.




Missing Annular Ring-

            Parlex and GSFC agree this is a defect

            GSFC coupon shows clear defect

            Parlex coupon sample does not indicate a defect.

            Mis-registration is cause of coupon failure.

            Unanswered question is why was this panel mis-registered.

            Corrective action statement is to be provided by Parlex.

            Look for assignable cause of why one layer is different alignment from other.

Can x-ray be used to catch defect (TBR) so other product is not shipped with this condition?


Smear- Determine pass/fail criteria.

            Provide cause and corrective action.


Separation of plane from Barrel Section

            Parlex and GSFC to send process document for creating micro section to review in advance of visit. (DONE 9/27/04)

            Parlex to visit GSFC to understand micro section process used.  9/1/04.  Jerry Clinton plans to participate at GSFC.  Parlex will bring their micro section, flat coupons, for comparison purposes.



Discuss after Weds visit if independent lab should be utilized to resolve differences.


Parlex and GSFC to mutually agree on best vendor from list below.

Trace  (Maryland)      


Pacific labs

Denison labs  (Calif)


At conclusion of weds meeting, review findings are determine next course of action.



Formal cause and corrective action to be provided by Parlex after site visit to GSFC.         


D. Rich to send priority of coupon testing to Nick

            (Coordinate priority list with Lowell-  (LAT priority)


Bob Lee to provide status of WIP (DONE).

            Directed bob to prioritize completion of C4 (-00726).


Jerry to provide source for shipping bags.    Send to Bob Lee.


Bob Lee to review qty. of  CFE parts on hand and coordinate with Jerry Clinton (if/once) shortages are determined.


Frank Golden-  Re-send qual process to Jerry for review.


Jerry-  Verify that SOW is released and has been provided thru SLAC procurement.


Bob Lee to provide to Jerry Clinton copy of Artwork invoice.  Copy Jim Seiber and Scott Meloche.