The agenda is being followed as per the list send out by Riccardo:


  macchinati, insertati, mascheratura e relativi tools, censimento dei cloeout scartati nei vari WS e non ancora segnalati all'INFN.



   chiusura produzione, controllo della documentazione allegata ed eventuale ispezione



  consegna nuove release, commenti sulle variazioni e impatto sulla attuale produzione



  review della specifica, schedula di approvigionamento



  stato della produzione, schedula, trasporto e imballaggio, tool rilifatura



  Richiesta certificato del materiale degli  inserti e apertura di NCR,  Etichettatura dei pannelli: informazioni da riportare e locazione sul pannello.



  Demo per Plyform, breve presentazione del flow diagram e dei dati raccolti.


MCM 133 closeouts have been machined. Of these 124 have been inserted

Structural 176 machined and of these 122 have been inserted.

All the closeouts that have been checked by INFN are ready to be used.

The masking for the painting has been defined.

All the face sheets (worth 201) have been made and all the void contents have been finished. This requirement was deleted about 1 months ago with the concurance of SLAC/NASA/SWALES.

Drawing status is under discussion. There is some problems with the list from Tice and the actual revision of the drawing to be used. PF has been asked to make the 5 trays (4 Glast/1 Super Glast) for the use of INFN for ESPI tests and training. They will be available for delivery on 14 April. For the rest of the trays they need an authorization from INFN with the correct drawing - this has to be done next week Tuesday or PF will be forced to stop the line or at least slow down. The tray trimming tool will also be validated during the fabrication of the 5 trays requested by INFN.

The side wall specification will be finalized by INFN based on the test data from PF - next week. This will close the specification and it will be complete.

The sandwich fabrication is in progress and 13 have been finished (GLAST/S GLAST). There was some time lost here due to work on the masking tool. The tray container design and fabrication is in progress.

PF to issue a certificate that states the correct material that they have used for the Aluminum inserts to-date and then INFN will generate the NCR and forward it to SLAC. The investigation has shown that 5 out of 7 drawings had called out T6 instead of T76 for the BT and TT inserts. Sandro has the details and we will send it on Monday.

INFN has requested that PF procure and use 25 micron AL foil on both sides of the side wall.

The bottom Tray honey comb was left at PF as they stated that they have lot of experience with cutting honeycomb to size. They are not aware of the size problem on the flight BT honey combs as of yet.

An official MOM has been generated and will be sent out on Monday.