Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

September 11, 2003



      1. Erik: send sidewall drawing revisions to BJ (done).

      2. Robert, Tom: work out a better drawing release protocol.

      3. BJ: make sidewall coupon drawings with all coupons laid out on large panels.

      4. Erik: send around strength requirements for sidewalls (done).

      5. Tom: send thermal coupons to Erik for testing.

      6. BJ: send mid-tray assembly drawings for review.

      7. Tom/BJ: send Sandro the latest bottom tray closeout drawings.  Also get them reviewed and released for COI.

      8. Erik: send corner bracket inner radius information to BJ.


   Erik needs to review the sidewall drawings and get the changes to BJ.  They probably can be sent out tomorrow or Monday for review.


   Robert and Tom need to discuss the drawing release protocol.  At present it does not work smoothly when comments and corrections come back from several reviewers.


      Sidewall coupons: the plan is for BJ to make a drawing with the complete arrangement of coupons.  They need to be clearly marked.  For "B allowables" we need eight coupons each.


      Erik is still looking at strength requirements and will send out his conclusions.  Very roughly he expects for unidirectional K13d coupons about 1500MPa, based on previous test programs and somewhere around 300MPa minimum for the laminate.


      Sandro said that Plyform will repeat the unidirection test next week with a thinner laminate of only 10 layers and harder clamping on the fiberglass doublers.


      Tom noted that Plyform is asking COI to reach theoretical values of strength (within 20%) in a unidirectional K13d coupon.  He is afraid that COI cannot guarantee that and may therefore reject the order.


      Sandro said that the latest void content measurement at Plyform was 1.2% on the unidirectional sample.


      Tom will send the thermal coupons to Erik to be tested.


      Bias wire bonds: to avoid loss of ladders from failed wire bonds, Sandro proposed to double each connection and possibly introduce a nodestructive test of 1 bond per pair.


      Mid tray fabrication status: Sandro said that Plyform is just starting to cut closeouts.

      They need to write responses to the PRR RFA for core grounding.

      For the carbon-carbon passivation issue, Plyform has ordered the black paint; they must make some tests to decide between this and resin.  In any case, the resin worked okay for EM trays, so we could stick with that.

      Acceptance tests: they will work to define acceptance details and NCR for panel fabrication.

      BJ has redlines for midtray assembly drawings.  BJ will send them out for review next week.


      Sandro needs the latest drawings for top/bottom tray closeouts.  The assembly tool used last time had several defects and was not complete, so they need to revise it.  COI is getting ready to machine bottom tray closeouts and needs the drawings also.


      BJ needs information on corner bracket inside radii from Erik.