Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

September 18, 2002


Action Items:

            1. Robert: check the wire bonder clearance at UCSC

            2. Tom: work with Sandro on procuring EM walls in K13D.

            3. Dave: submit new GTRC prototype run

            4. Erik: send Tom the spreadsheet of predicted loads on the flexure-mount fasteners


Sandro was not present but reported the following last week: Plyform assembled closeouts were measured at Pisa.  The maximum error was 60 microns, found on two of them.  Plyform is producing another set and will check if the error is systematic.  Plyform is working at a mean production rate of one bare tray panel per day.  Sandro estimates the end of production on October 8 for all mid trays.  Plyform is still in progress to machine tooling for kapton and tungsten bonding.


Tom has been working on the electronics test station plan. Mike Huffer agrees on using a simple test system at Teledyne.  However, the burn-in at SLAC/UCSC will employ the full-blown test system, which will give a complete system verification at that level.  The burn-in station systems will ship to Italy after burn-in is completed.  There was some discussion of the need for a cold spare in Italy.  We concluded that at least we need a spare TEM and cables and other specialized hardware.  Spare VME crates and PCs may not be necessary.


Ossie reported that the EM readout cables should be delivered in early October.


The bottom closeout pieces are expected at SLAC this week.  Tom needs to check on that.

The top closeout pieces shipped a week ago to Pisa.

BJ placed an order yesterday for the top/bottom insert bonding tool.

Bottom tray tooling manufacture was stopped pending completion of the bottom-tray design.

The top tray assembly tool is expected the week of 7th October.


Tom mentioned that the board house for the replacement EM PWBs does not want to install the thickened piece on the MCMs.  In that case SLAC will have to bond on pieces before machining the radius.  Young Electronics, foreseen for the flight build, is willing to do that bonding.


Robert reported that GTFE wafer probing is in progress to supply Teledyne with tested chips for the working EM modules.  The test station is being modified to check more carefully the trigger output, since several chips have been seen that have an oscillating output.


Ossie has nearly completed the jigs to mount SSD ladders on for testing with mini-MCMs.  Robert will check that 4 mm vertical and 3/8 inch horizontal clearance is okay for the wire bonder (it is). 


Osse is talking to GMSI about machining walls.  Tom said that we need to ask the Italians to make K13D panels at Plyform for EM in addition to one for testing.  Tom will send email to Sandro today.  Erik said that we should also get shorter sidewalls of the same material for the static test setup.  That will require 2 extra full-size panels for a total of 7.  These are needed by beginning of February for Hytec.


BJ sent out for a quote on a new vibration fixture, without the cantelevered flexure mounts.  Tom has a meeting tomorrow with Martin to talk about the interface and the flexures.  There are some possible clearance issues in the grid.


The ladder PRR was held Monday, but flight production awaits completion of tests on the new encapsulation material.  Robert updated the ladder PRR documents and put them on the web.  Tom should receive samples of Nusil today and ship them to Italy.  He also made a second order, for enough for the first 400 ladders.  Tom will hand carry that to Italy.  Tom is leaving Monday September 30 and returning Monday October 7.  He sent a proposed itinerary to Sandro.  Darren will also go, to inspect G&A.


Robert wants to know Sandro's plans on testing polyimide and aramid boards for CTE issues.  Those boards should be arriving in Italy along with the new CC material.


Nelson should go ahead with a new GTRC submission to correct the parity bug and improve some other features.  The existing chips are fine for the EM.

GTFE testing continues.  The noise meets the requirements, but a few G chips have been found to have oscillating trigger outputs.  There is concern about understanding that failure mode.


Erik has been reviewing the tracker/LAT ICD.  He is not sure if the Grid interface should be specified as forces.  Another option is deflections.  Hytec engineers are discussing what is needed at this interface.  They are not sure yet how best to treat random vibration interaction between grid and tracker.  Tom suggested to put the static load from grid deflection on top of random vibration.  Erik will send Tom his spreadsheet of predicted loads.