Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

September 25, 2003


Action Items:

1)    Tom - Call COI on shipping of Prepreg and coupon test plan to Plyform

2)    Tom - verify with Gunther that extra VME Processor boards can be supplied in place of VME crates (Yes)

3)    Luca - send delivery dates and quantities of VME Processor boards SLAC

4)    Luca - send to Tom data on Power Supply that they are using in their EGSE System

5)    Sandro - Ship 1.75" Carbon/Carbon bars to SLAC


Attendees: Luca Latronico in Pisa, Sandro and Nanda in Milano (Plyform), Tom, BJ, Jeff, Dave, Bernie Graff and Tom Vanator at SLAC.


Sandro reported that Plyform is ready for the prepreg which Tom stated was to be shipped this week. Sandro stated that Plyform also needs the test coupon and test procedure as soon as the materials arrive. Tom will check on both and send email as to the status. There are three coupons at Plyform that will be used for the compression tests with results available early next week.


The pitch adaptor attach method was discussed as well as the possibility of having this done at G&A. The timing and logistics will present some issues, however this may be the best method of getting TMCMs that are consistent and meet all the requirements giving repeatable and reliable assemblies. To study this G&A will need 5 to 10 TMCMs and pitch adaptors to develop the tooling. It was also requested that 5 or 10 of the first 50 TMCMs, with pitch adaptors, be sent to G&A for a fit check. These will be checked and then returned to SLAC/Teledyne in a very short time. The purpose of this is to have G&A get a first look at the pitch adaptors and bond area to see if these will be allow for automated wire bonding or require continual operator assistance. Sandro voiced a concern that on the TMCMs for the minitower there were about 8 channels on each board that were not connected to the GTFE and they could not see any cracks in the pitch adaptor to account for this. It is believed that there

is a broken wire bond, under the encapsulation, from the pitch adaptor to the ASIC. SLAC will study this possibility with Teledyne.


Luca reported that INFN was prepared to supply the EGSE parts as specified an email. The Dawn VME Crate is not available in Italy. Luca asked if they could get another type or supply more VME Processor boards and have SLAC procure the Dawn VME Crates. I asked Gunther and he said that is acceptable so now we need to work out how many extra VME Processor boards will be needed to cover the cost of the VME Crates. The power supply that is specified, B&K, is available in Italy but does not work well with the 220V system there and Luca will send Tom the specifications of the Power supply that they are using so that Tom can clear this with Gunther. Luca will send delivery data on the VME Processor boards as soon as he receives it from the local vendors.


The material for the tray panel closeouts is at Plyform, the insert installation jig is complete, no information on when the inserts will be available. Early next week Sandro and Nanda will review and revise the documentation as necessary and send to SLAC to close out the PRR action items. Sandro will get the material information and procedures for the resin coating and forward them to SLAC.


Plyform has ordered the Areoglaze Z307 for the sidewalls, no available date given.


The 1.74" Carbon/Carbon bars will be shipped to SLAC 9/26 or 9/29.


Sandro reported that the final bond layer thickness for the detectors to the bias sheet is 0.250mm. The drawings show this as 0.150mm. SLAC and Hytec will look at this to see if there will be an interference issue given the current tray spacing. After this review the drawings will be updated accordingly.


Sandro discussed the corner flexures and corner brackets. The fit of the corner flexure into the corner bracket be a G6-H7 standard coupling fit. SLAC will look at this and set up the drawing such that there is a good fit. The parts will be made to fit, in pairs, marked and delivered such that the fit can be controlled and maintained through the assembly sequence. The fit of the pins in the corner bracket was also discussed. Sandro requested that the pin holes have a tolerance of +0.002 to +0.008 mm.