TKR Flex circuits                        HFWS 10/29/04


Parlex performance, status and expected schedule: Dave Rich  /Jerry Clinton

Stop-work order was issued because of assembly problems

(bubbles in the adhesives holding the Omnetics connectors)

Proposal to get 3 sets of bare cables and assemble at a company of our choice (TBD).

(This was in my original plan but apparently was omitted by the green eyeshade people.)

Need answers from coupons before assessing further steps.

If ok, Robert requested delivery of the “bad cables” for test of the integrity in vacuum (thermal vac?)

Status full-length prototype with Titan:    Dave Nelson

P.O. sent with Dec 1 delivery , 5 C4, panels only,

Question: is Titan approved by NASA, PD will inform Nick

Need coupons (will ask for coupons)

Team visit in 2 weeks (?):

            Apprise them of SOW

            Have GLAST Q/A people be part of the team

Assembly both at SLAC and outside vendor (TBD)

Status 2-piece prototype with Cirexx:        Dave Nelson

(layout started today, Monday done,  Rigid flex, 2 weeks, C4)

Need coupons

Site visit in 2 weeks (?) after receipt of first article

            Apprise them of SOW

            Have GLAST Q/A people be part of the team

Start the mechanical layout drawings (start with C4)

Identify issues, gates, actions:      


Need to make a decision at the end of November:

By that time:

            Parlex should have delivered a large number of circuits

            Titan will (not?) have produced.

            Cirexx will have produced and we will have had a good look at their product,        

including check-out of their Q/A system.


Schedule for each?

Separate bare cable for assembly in-house/local

Update drawings

Make new drawings for 2-piece cables


Update SOW to cover us against assembly problems (“lessons learned”)

Assembly both at SLAC and outside vendor (TBD) David N.

PD will handle question of PO in addition to the one with Parlex




What                                         by Whom                        by when



Coupons ok?                                        David Rich                              asap

Ship 8 cables to SLAC                        David Rich                  only after coupons ok?

Test 8 cables in vac, elect.                  Robert Johnson                       

Request 3 sets of blank cables David Rich                  (after coupons ok?)

Assemble 3 sets of blank cables         David Nelson              (after coupons ok?)



Inform Nick of facts                            Persis Drell                             asap

ask for coupons                                   David Nelson                          at P.O.

find outside assembly vendor              David Nelson                          asap



Finish electrical layout                        David Nelson                          Monday

Check layout (?)                                  Martin Nordby            Monday

Ask for coupons                                  David Nelson                          at P.O.

Arrange for site visit                           David Nelson                 Nov. 16 /after delivery

Mechanical Layout                              Martin Norby                          asap

Electrical layout                                  David Nelson                          asap                

find outside assembly vendor              David Nelson                          asap



Update drawings                                 David Rich                              asap

Update SOW                                       David Rich/ Darren Marsh      asap

Parts for outside vendor                      David Rich                              asap

New P.O. vs. old (Parlex)                   Persis Drell                             Nov 9

find outside assembly vendor              David Nelson                          asap

Request LAT Q/A to be part               Persis Drell                             asap