TKR Flex circuits Meeting 11/12/04                    HFWS 11/12/04


Parlex performance, status and expected schedule: Dave Rich  / Dave Nelson

“They do not have a clear picture where to go”

Very slow progress, “at drift “

Our contact personnel is being replaced continuously

Date of restart of production is unclear

The plan is to let them finish parts in production up to a certain point, assumed to be hole drilling

The team members in the know expressed no confidence that Parlex would produce the GLAST LAT TKR flex circuits on a reasonable time scale

Status full-length prototype with Titan:    Dave Nelson

5 C4 are on order, bare cable only, delivery first week in Dec

Coupons will be included

Visit next week by “Landing party” Esther, Dave Nelson, Nick?, Diane Colos (sp?) (GSFC),

Assembly of 2 cables by SLAC, 3 by vendor (Sentek) Dave R. credit card purchase

Parts inventory a problem: TKR manager and engineer don’t know where the parts went.

Buy commercial 0603 for SLAC assembly, and do not use flight thermistors

Give flight parts to vendors: Dave Rich

Separate the production of bare flex cables and their assembly

D. Rich will do Sole Source Flight orde of cables r: needs SOW (done), revised red-lined drawings (ready on Monday), Quote (RFQ), 20 parts with first set expedited

Assembly of flight cables: Competitive bid, Dave R. start now with RFQ

Status 2-piece prototype with Cirexx: Dave Nelson

5 C4 2-piece fabrication ordered, splicing is ordered separately, two-week turn-around, need date

Coupons will be included

Site visit next week, by Dave Nelson, Dave Rich (?), LAT Q/A and Nick (?)

Mechanical drawings are not started yet. 

Will start with electrical drawings (Gerber files), and Thien needs the cut-lines from Mike Foss first.

After that, mechanical layout will start with C4 etc.

Dave and Martin will make new SOW for splicing cable + assembly (new LAT-doc)

Assembly at Sentek and parts issues same as above for Titan full length cables

Status of docs and drawings      

Updated drawings are in checkprint form (long cables only!). The SOW version 3 is updated and in sign-off.









What                                         by Whom                        by when



Restart Production ?                            David Rich                              ??



Schedule site visit for 11/14 week      Dave Nelson / Darren March  asap

Flight order Titan (Sole source) RFQ Dave Rich /Persis Drell :        3 weeks




Date for delivery of C4                       Dave Nelson

Schedule site visit for 11/14 week      Dave Nelson / Darren March  asap

Cut line on cables to Thien                  Mike Foss                               asap

Mechanical Layout                              Martin Norby                          2 weeks

Electrical layout                                  David Nelson                          2 weeks                      

SOW for two-piece cable                   Dave Nelson / Martin Nordby 1 week



Parts inventory                                    Dave Rich / Dave Nelson/ Robert Johnson/ Lowell

Commercial 0603 resistors                 Dave Nelson                           1 week

Commercial thermistors                      Dave Nelson                           1 week

Commercial/Flight parts to Sentek for 6 cables          Dave Rich                               1 week

Commercial parts for SLAC for 4 cables                    Dave Rich                               1 week

P.O for loading at Sentek (3)               Dave Rich                               asap

Flight order assembly P.O., RFQ        Dave Rich                               3 weeks







What                                         by Whom                        by when



Coupons ok?                                        David Rich                              NO

Ship 8 cables to SLAC                        David Rich                              n.a.

Test 8 cables in vac, elect.                  Robert Johnson                        n.a.

Request 3 sets of blank cables David Rich                              n.a.

Assemble 3 sets of blank cables         David Nelson                          n.a.




Inform Nick of facts                            Persis Drell                             open

ask for coupons                                   David Nelson                          closed

find outside assembly vendor              David Nelson                          closed



Finish electrical layout                        David Nelson                          closed

Check layout (?)                                  Martin Nordby            ??

Ask for coupons                                  David Nelson                          closed

Arrange for site visit                           David Nelson                          open

Mechanical Layout                              Martin Norby                          open

Electrical layout                                  David Nelson                          open               

find outside assembly vendor              David Nelson                          closed



Update drawings                                 David Rich                              in sign-off

Update SOW                                       David Rich/ Darren Marsh      in sign-off

Parts for outside vendor                      David Rich                              open

New P.O. vs. old (Parlex)                   Persis Drell                             open

find outside assembly vendor              David Nelson                          closed

Request LAT Q/A to be part               Persis Drell                             closed