December 9, 2004
Long Cables: 
Martin needs feed-back from Dave N. which of Parlex’ proposed changes he would like to have implemented in the drawings.  
Parts order has been decided. The parts (sum of existing at SLAC and Parlex and the new order ) would allow to assemble 18.9 towers from here on.
Based on the GSFC analysis of the efficacy of water blast treatment, Dave N. will restart production at Parlex with 6 panels. The panel types for this batch and the next two 6-panel batches were decided by Dave R., Dave N. and HFWS based on the existing panel inventory at Parlex and transmitted to Parlex by Dave R.
Flex Circuit Technology now estimates Dec 21 for delivery of long cables (Dave and Esther must have drilled some holes during their visit)
One answer to RFP will be delayed until Tuesday next week. 
Spliced Cables
Cirrex has now a P.O. to mate the two cables into one: expected delivery of first on Thursday evening, the remaining four on Friday.
Lupe will receive parts for 4 cables from David R., including adhesive for the stiffener at the 51 pin D connector. Dave N. has the stiffeners in his office, and will assemble the first article. Esther will inspect the cables.
Thien had discussions with Cirrex about the cable length which we should revisit when the cables have arrived (Q/A by David R.)
Lupe made contact with Zentrek about the prototype assembly, and has sent an older  prototype cable for them top look and quote. This will help them to also quote on the RFP for assembly of flight cables.
David R. made contact with Jim McDonald re cutting the FM73. Lupe will use her sharpened Eaxcto knife as in the past.

RFP for spliced cables: we should send in the RFP on Monday.

We have PWB for all 8 cables, and Thien has promised the electrical layout for Friday. I re-affirmed that we need 2 Gerber files per cable (+z and –z). I updated the SOW, RFP and Drawings List, and need Dave N. to check it. I propose to ask for 5 sets with 5 sets as option.


Hiro is continuing the thermal tests. He will get Roger involved. C6 and C7 are good targets fro that because we have plenty. If this will become a routine part of the acceptance, we need to look into renting a larger chamber so that the tester can be inside the chamber and re-cabeling can be avoided.


 Next meeting: Tuesday (what time, Persis?)