Tracker – I&T  --  Meeting Notes – 29 Jan 2004


Subject:  Review options for a Tracker mockup for I&T


Participants:  R Johnson, Bloom, J Martin, Nordby, Menning


Bloom expressed an I&T need, starting in mid-March, to have in hand a relatively accurate mockup of a Tracker tower for I&T fit checks, assembly procedure development, and related uses.  This mockup must include the new Flexure design.  Bloom/Borden have developed an approach to produce such a mockup with no impact on Tracker’s Tower A schedule.


One consideration is that INFN has requested that the 2nd Bottom Tray, presently at SLAC, and the Bottom Tray Static Test Fixture, presently at Hytec, be sent to them ASAP to support their development of a static test fixture for flight Bottom Trays.  It was noted that the fixture will have to be modified in order to work with the flight tower interface.


 I&T will develop an approach for modifying one of the two EM Bottom Trays to incorporate the new design.  This method would be used to modify an EM Bottom Tray, and that would be used in the new I&T mockup.


Other possibilities may turn up that would make this unnecessary.  For example, if the first trial of making a bottom tray fails, then it might be used instead for the mockup.    


Little support from the Tracker team is needed, and in fact, it appears that by working together there will be less overall schedule risk.