Tracker Status Report

April 16, 2004


1.     Mid Tray Production

a.      Completed bare panels are in progress.

b.     ESPI tests have begun on the first completed bare panels.

2.     Tray Vibration Test

a.      The procedure document is in the release cycle.

b.     The TRR is scheduled for the week of April 26 in Pisa.

3.     Tray Thermal/Vacuum Testing

a.      TRR scheduled for the week of April 26 in Pisa.

4.     Top/Bottom Tray

a.      PRRs are scheduled for the week of April 26 in Pisa.

5.     Bottom Tray Closeouts

a.      The first sets of completed closeouts were received at SLAC.

6.     Bottom Tray Titanium Parts and Flexures

a.      AMT reported that by Monday 6 RH corner assys, 6 LH corner assys, 6 wide side flexures and 6 narrow side flexures should be completed and CMM inspected. Final machining of the conical holes in the corner and side flexures is being completed today and inspections completed tomorrow.

b.     LAT QA plans to do source inspection on Monday.

7.     Tracker-Grid Interface Components

a.      Two sets for engineering evaluation are in production at Advanced Machining and expected to be completed April 20.

b.     34 more sets are on order for mid May completion.

c.      Flight drawings are still under review.

8.     Bottom Tray Static Test

a.      A SLAC/Hytec team will fly to Pisa next week to help set up and test the apparatus.

b.     The drawing of the Grid simulator for this setup is complete and out for release approval.

9.     Tray Assembly

a.      G&A is conducting tests of the new MCM mounting procedure and tooling.

b.     The procedure document draft is out for review.

c.      An electrical test procedure is also out for review.

d.     A PRR will be held the week of April 26 in Pisa.

e.      A TRR will also be held at the same time for the electrical testing and thermal cycling.

10.  EM 2nd Vibration

a.      Work is in progress to design a new Grid simulator

11.  Tower Alignment

a.      Planning meetings have continued, and Robert Ruland is planning to travel to Pisa week after next with the Tracker group to work on details there.

12.  Bias Circuit Fabrication

a.      New bias circuits with -oz Cu should arrive today, but no status available yet.

13.  MCM Assembly and Test

a.      Electrical testing of the first 9 MCMs was conducted this week.

b.     Production starts of new MCMs was halted for 3 days to resolve alignment issues between PWB and pitch adapter. Two of the 4 fixtures were giving bad alignment and are being corrected.

14.  MCM Integration onto Trays

a.      G&A is preparing to test the new tooling and process with preproduction MCMs and dummy trays.

b.     A draft procedure document (LAT-PS-01801) was circulated.

15.  Sidewall Manufacture

a.      The prepreg PO from Plyform to COI was released and COI has started work.

b.     Shipping of the first lot is expected in about 3 weeks.

c.      The titanium washers have to be remade, to be thinner, to increase the tower-to-tower clearance. Existing washers may be used on Tower-A for schedule reasons, however.

d.     PRR scheduled the week of April 26, in Pisa

16.  Flex Circuit Fabrication and Test (H. Sadrozinski)

a.      The PO for EGSE cables for stacked-tray testing was released to Parlex.

b.     Connectors started to arrive on schedule

c.      Electrical design of flight cables almost finished (on schedule). Minor correction of resistor location needed on C5/C4.

d.     Plans are made to layout mini-tower cables after finishing flight cables.