Tracker Status Report

April 23, 2004


1.     Mid Tray Panel Production

a.      ESPI testing and dimensional tests were completed on 3 panels.

b.     Continuing assembly is going well at Plyform.

2.     Bottom Tray Closeouts

a.      The first sets of completed closeouts were shipped to Pisa.

3.     Bottom Tray Titanium Parts and Flexures

a.      Source inspection was completed on the first delivery.

b.     The parts are arriving at SLAC today and enough for 2.5 trays will be hand carried to Pisa on Monday.

4.     Tracker-Grid Interface Components

a.      2 evaluation sets will arrive today.

b.     Plans and fixtures are in place to test these parts over the coming week.

c.      Flight drawings are out for sign-off.

5.     Bottom Tray Static Test

a.      The fixture is set up and working in Pisa.

b.     A SLAC/Hytec team is working with INFN to repeat tests on the EM bottom tray to shake out the system and procedures.

c.      As of yesterday 3 load cases were completed in z.

6.     Tray Assembly (MCM and Ladder integration)

a.      Tests of MCM mounting, wire-bonding, encapsulation with preproduction MCMs and mockup trays will be complete at G&A in a couple of weeks.

b.     Tooling and procedures for ladder integration are complete and ready to go following a PRR.

7.     EM 2nd Vibration

a.      Work is still in progress to design a new Grid simulator

b.     Discussions and analysis are ongoing to evaluate whether a steel bushing needs to be in the Grid

8.     Bias Circuit Fabrication

a.      47 new bias circuits with -oz Cu arrived today.

b.     45 will be hand carried to Pisa on Monday and 2 will go into dimensional verification

9.     MCM Assembly and Test

a.      The first 6 MCMs are shipping out from Teledyne today. We are trying to arrange a same-day shipment as I type, so that burn-in can start over the weekend.

b.     The second shipment is delayed a few days due to the production halt last week to resolve inspection issues.

c.      Problems were found with some raw pitch adapter flex circuits yesterday: cracks in some traces. We are presently implementing 100% screening for this.

10.  Flex Circuit Fabrication and Test (H. Sadrozinski)

a.      C0 (non-flight): Parlex is working on lay-up

b.     C0-C7 (Flight):

i.                 electrical layout finshed on all since last Friday,

ii.               checking by SLAC mechanical is starting, maybe done by next week.

c.      Mini-tower cables for DAQ and I&T:

i.                 C3 mechanical lay-out being checked, expect finish of mechanical layout by Monday, April 26.