Tracker Status Report

April 9, 2004


1.     Mid Tray Production

a.      Insert alloy issue was resolved.

b.     Closeouts have been assembled for >3 towers.

c.      Completed bare panels are in progress.

2.     Bottom Tray Closeouts

a.      COI machining is in progress, with first ship sets to be completed next week.

3.     Bottom Tray Titanium Parts and Flexures

a.      LAT QA reviewed the in-process inspections yesterday.

b.     The machining is in progress at Advanced Machining, with a delivery date slipped from April 9 to April 19.

4.     Tracker-Grid Interface Components

a.      Two sets for engineering evaluation are in production at Advanced Machining.

b.     It turned out not to be possible to machine the Grid side of the interface as designed, so a new concept has been devised and is being fleshed out.

5.     Bottom Tray Static Test

a.      A SLAC/Hytec team will fly to Pisa the week after next to help set up and test the apparatus.

b.     Work is proceeding on design modifications needed on the base frame, to accommodate the new interface.

6.     EM 2nd Vibration

a.      Work is in progress to design a new Grid simulator

7.     Tower Alignment

a.      Several planning meetings have been taking place, and a draft plan was circulated

8.     Bias Circuit Fabrication

a.      42 bias circuits have completed receiving/inspection in Pisa.

b.     Updated ¼-oz circuit drawing was released, as was the PO, and circuits are in fabrication at Parlex.  They’ll be delivered to SLAC next week.

9.     MCM Assembly and Test

a.      Flight production is in progress, with 5 boards starting into the line each day.

b.     As of yesterday the first set of 5 had reached the wire bonding stage, and electrical tests will begin next week.

10.  MCM Burn-In and Acceptance Test System

a.      Burn-in and final test of preproduction MCMs completed this week.

11.  MCM Integration onto Trays

a.      G&A is preparing to test the new tooling and process with preproduction MCMs and dummy trays.

b.     A draft procedure document (LAT-PS-01801) was circulated.

12.  Sidewall Manufacture

a.      The prepreg purchase is still in process between Plyform and COI.

b.     There is an outstanding issue as to whether the flight titanium washers have to be redesigned and remanufactured.

13.  Flex Circuit Fabrication and Test (H. Sadrozinski)

a.      C0 (non-flight for tray testing etc): Jerry Clinton visited Parlex and came back with a small modification of the stiffener at the D-connector.

b.     Pressing on, with updated drawings substituted for earlier versions (see below)

c.      Flight flex cables are being layed out with 2 per week. Should be finished by next week.

d.     Our earlier plan to sign off C0 and C3, have PRR and submit for flight manufacturing was delayed by the inability of SLAC to provide manpower for checking the drawings.

e.      Present estimate for completion of drawings: April 16

f.       All technical issues with the C0 EGSE cables have been resolved between SLAC and Parlex.   Parlex is still waiting for the PO, which is stuck on somebody’s desk for the past few days in budgets.