Tracker Status

August 13, 2004



-        Thermal-vacuum tests over the weekend demonstrated that the new bias circuit bonding process, with the bead-blasting surface preparation, was not successful.

-        Also, bias short circuits developed in trays in which bubbles in the bias circuit had been lanced.

-        A “Tiger Team” is being formed to investigate the bias circuit bonding issue and make recommendations on how to proceed.

-        Discussions are underway as to whether to continue to assemble Tower A with the known bad trays, in order to make a pass through the remaining procedures and tests to uncover other possible issues.



-        242 MCMs have been delivered to SLAC, 14 of which were manufactured with 75-ohm termination resistors.

-        162 have been reworked with 75-ohm termination resistors, and that effort continues.

-        The Novacap capacitor issue is still a big cloud hanging over the MCM production.


Sidewall Assembly,

-        The Tower-A sidewalls have been fabricated.