Tracker Status Report

February 13, 2004


1.     Thermal Vacuum Testing (N. Mazziotta)

a.      The test preparation is proceding following the schedule. Four INFN-BA people (Nicola, Silvia, Francesco and Fabio) + two INFN-PI people (Andre and Nicola) are going to Alenia on 13 Feb for a quick review of the status of T/V test preparation. The EGSEs (cables, connectors, pin-out, heaters, power supply, system acquisition, etc.) will be carefully discussed with Alenia. Ready hermocouples will be given  to Andrea to start the assembly in tower next week.

b.     Bari have finished the thermistor acquisition system, then the TEM and the flex cables will be also given to Andrea.

c.      SLAC sent the thermal balance predictions: according to them the time duration of the balance test is estimated in 4 full days (days/night). So,the balance test + 1 thermal cycle should take about 5 full days. If so, the test should finished on 13-14 March.

d.     The TRR has been planned on 25 Feb in Pisa. The Post Test Data Review is planned on 24 March in Bari.

2.     Tracker IDD (M. Nordby)

a.      M. Nordby and M. Menning worked the interface issues while in Pisa this week.

3.     SSD Procurement (R. Bellazzini)

a.      Receipt is expected by the end of the month for the last 2000 wafers.

4.     Ladder Assembly and Test (F. Belli)

a.      100 ladders were tested at G&A in the past 2 weeks with zero rejects.

5.     Bottom Tray Closeouts and Assembly (J. Martin)

a.      The drawings were worked in Pisa this week, and some modifications were made to the alignment holes used for insert alignment.

6.     Bottom Tray Titanium Parts and Flexures (M. Menning)

a.      Good progress was made on the drawings in Pisa this week.  The plan is to release them next Tuesday. 

7.     Bottom Tray Static Test (E. Swensen)

a.      The fixture was picked up in Los Alamos yesterday and is on its way to Italy.

8.     Bias Circuit Fabrication (R. Johnson)

a.      Issues came up with the registration between the electrical circuit and the alignment holes.  This is being worked at SLAC to understand the problem and what to do.

9.     Bottom Tray Panel Assembly Tooling (R. Bagagli)

a.      Reviewed in Pisa this week.

10.  Honeycomb Cores (J. Tice)

a.      The shipment of cores is at INFN Pisa.

11.  Mid Tray Panel Fabrication

a.      Plyform is assembling core/face-sheet sandwiches.

12.  Tray Panel Bakeout (F. Belli)

a.      No news.  T. Venator still has an action to review the requirements for this process.

13.  PWB Machining and Inspection (D. Rich)

a.      Only a relatively small number of the already machined boards have had their coupons tested.

b.     Holt machining refuses to machine any more, because of eye irritation caused by the fiberglass.

c.      25 boards, drawings, instructions were delivered to another machine shop, in Alameda.

14.  Pitch Adapter Receiving and Inspection (D. Rich)

a.      The inspection is off and running, with only about a 10% reject rate in the first 50.

15.  Nano-Connector Fabrication (J. Tice)

a.      Anxiously awaiting male connectors, promised next week, to start MCM production.

16.  ASIC Fabrication, test, and dicing (M. Ziegler)

a.      All flight wafers, including 19 GTRC V7, have been probe tested.

b.     V7 chips from one wafer have been diced.  240 were sent to Teledyne.  Others were tested on 3 MCMs at UCSC, successfully.

17.  Polyswitches (H. Sadrozinski)

a.      No more issues.  These are all qualified and ready for production, although some DPA is in progress.

18.  MCM Test System (R. Williams)

a.      The documentation is being edited according to review input received.

b.     We will upgrade the software on the next visit to Teledyne.

c.      The SLAC system is still at UCSC but will soon go to SLAC.  Components will be calibrated at that time.

19.  MCM Assembly and Test (D. Rich)

a.      The PRR was completed with good results.

b.     We are working to get flight production started next week.  The long pole is the connectors.

20.  MCM Burn-In and Acceptance Test System (M. Ziegler)

a.      14 preproduction boards are in burn-in at UCSC.

b.     The burn-in system is being set up now at SLAC for the flight production.

21.  Tray Assembly Tooling for Integration of Ladders and MCMs at G&A (A. Brez)

a.      No news.

22.  Tray Thermal Cycle (N. Mazziotta and C. Cecchi)

a.      Still waiting for the grids and calibrated sensors for the two climatic chambers.

23.  Sidewall Manufacture (A. Brez)

a.      Rodini completed negotiations with COI (and YLA) regarding prepreg specifications, and those specs have been sent to Plyform.

b.     EM thermal and joint coupons were shipped to SLAC for testing.

c.      The EM sidewalls were sent to Terni for thermal cycle testing.

24.  Flex Circuit Fabrication and Test (H. Sadrozinki)

a.      Expect release of PO documents of C0 (non-flight) on Friday, Feb 13.

b.     They will be used for Stacked Tower Testing at INFN.    Potential Problem: non-flight cactus arm connectors.

c.      Good progress on layout of C1 and C2. Could have sign-off (and PRR) of all cables within 10 days?                           

d.     Potential Problem: delivery of flight cactus arm connectors.

25.  Mini-Tower Testing (H. Tajima)

a.      A bug with a new FSW for EGSE was fixed.

b.     New TKR scripts test continues.