Tracker Status Report

February 19, 2004


1.     Thermal Vacuum Testing (N. Mazziotta and A. Brez)

a.      The tower was re-assembled with the thermocouples in Pisa, using the complete assembly tool.

b.     The Test Plan and the Test Procedure have been released. The documents are in Bari web page

c.      The TRR will be held in Pisa on 26th Feb.

d.     The test preparation is in shedule, so the thermal vacuum test will start on 1st March.

2.     SSD Procurement (R. Bellazzini)

a.      HPK received the final order, so receipt is expected by the end of the March for the last 2000 wafers.

b.     8800 wafers have been tested by INFN, 46 rejected.

3.     Ladder Assembly and Test (A. Brez)

a.      942 ladders have been assembled and tested (16 rejected).

4.     Bottom Tray Closeouts and Assembly (M. Menning)

a.      The drawings will be completed immediately after getting the titanium parts ordered.

5.     Bottom Tray Titanium Parts and Flexures (M. Menning)

a.      The drawings are complete and Mike is pushing to get the drawings sent out for requote today.

6.     Bottom Tray Static Test (E. Swensen)

a.      The fixture is in transit to Italy. 

b.     Hytec is preparing a detailed procedure for use of the fixture.

7.     Bias Circuit Fabrication (R. Johnson)

a.      Bias circuits had a fatal error in misalignment between circuit and tooling holes.  They have been redesigned and are under review.

8.     Honeycomb Cores (A. Brez)

a.      The cores were delivered to Plyform, where the incoming inspection is in progress.

9.     Tray Panel Bakeout (T. Venator)

a.      The vacuum bakeout is not required for contamination reasons, so the time can be reduced from the planned 24 hours.

10.  PWB Machining and Inspection (D. Rich)

a.      Work was in progress all week to qualify a new vendor.  We struck out on one and are working another yesterday and today.

11.  Pitch Adapter Receiving and Inspection (D. Rich)

a.      150 circuits have been inspected.  The rejection rate remains about 10%.

12.  Nano-Connector Fabrication (J. Tice)

a.      The flight male connectors should arrive at SLAC today. 

b.     Female connectors are 2 or 3 weeks away.

13.  ASIC Fabrication, test, and dicing (M. Ziegler)

a.      The remaining GTRC-V7 wafers are at SLAC and ready to go to GDSI for dicing.

14.  MCM Test System (R. Williams)

a.      The detailed procedures are out for review and release.

b.     The updated software is being tested on preproduction MCMs this week at Teledyne.

15.  MCM Assembly and Test (D. Rich)

a.      Preproduction: 14 were completed a while ago (10 of which are in Italy).  Another 14 recently completed burn-in and in final test and others are in progress at Teledyne.  Teledyne started Tuesday the final 10 with V7 chips, using tall boards.  We expect 2 weeks to complete this build cycle.

b.     Flight production: today SLAC is shipping about 25% of the flight build for all parts available.   The gating item is coupon-tested, machined PWBs.   Our plan is to start flight production next week.  We still need to close on the PO, and there is a meeting with Teledyne for that today.  Teledyne on their side has been reprogramming the wire bonding so that all wires bond to one side of the ASIC pad, leaving undisturbed metal for making a rework bond when necessary.  This will allow all rework wire bonding to be done to Mil Spec.  First results on that look excellent.

16.  MCM Burn-In and Acceptance Test System (M. Ziegler)

a.      Work is in progress to move the burn-in system from UCSC to SLAC for the flight production.

17.  Tray Assembly Tooling for Integration of Ladders and MCMs at G&A (A. Brez)

a.      A concept was worked out for the MCM assembly tool, including provisions for precision alignment to the tray.  Drawings are started.

18.  Sidewall Manufacture (A. Brez)

a.      Thermal cycling of the EM sidewalls was completed at Terni, with no problems found.

b.     Plyform has the prepreg specifications and is preparing for making an order.

c.      EM thermal and joint coupons were received by SLAC for testing.

d.     Agreement was reached on requirements for production testing.

e.      The EM sidewalls were sent to Terni for thermal cycle testing.

19.  Flex Circuit Fabrication and Test (H. Sadrozinki)

a.      The status, plans and schedule were presented at the Tuesday engineering meeting. See the web site for material.

b.     C0 drawings are ready and will be ordered soon (next day or two).

c.      Layout of C1-C7 is still in progress, with C4 and C5 being the long poles.  Individual designs will be released for production as they get completed.

20.  Tower and stacked-tray test scripts (L. Latronico)

a.      Minitower test scripts are now being completed with addition of TOT calibrations.

b.     After full test at SLAC, the full test suite will be adapted to the stacked-tray and full tower configurations.

c.      A draft of the tower test plan to be delivered to I&T will be circulated asap in the TKR team.

21.  Fabrication database (L. Latronico)

a.      Single components incoming and testing is OK all components for tray assembly

b.     NCR tracking system and quality assurance are being implemented

c.      The tower test database needs to be developed

d.     MCM data to be transferred from UCSC were agreed upon

22.  Mini-Tower Testing (H. Tajima)

a.      Agreement was reached with Pisa on the TKR script development schedule.

b.     New TKR script testing is in progress.