Tracker Status Report

January 23, 2004


1.     Tracker IDD

a.      A draft has been in review this week and hopefully will be signed off at today’s meeting.

b.     General agreement was reached on the details of the Tracker-Grid interface design, and the drawings have been completed and are under review.

2.     SSD Procurement

a.      Purchasing of the last 2000 wafers is in progress.

b.     9452 wafers have been received in Italy.

c.      8042 wafers have been tested.

3.     Ladder Assembly and Test

a.      720 ladders have been completed at G&A

b.     99 ladders have been completed at Mipot

4.     Bottom Tray Closeouts

a.      In fabrication at COI, with delivery of first articles expected the first week of February.

5.     Bottom Tray Titanium Parts and Flexures

a.      Drawings are being reviewed today and hopefully signed off to begin procurement Monday.

b.     First articles are expected at 4 weeks ARO.

6.     Bottom Tray Static Test

a.      EM static tests were completed at Hytec.

b.     Hytec has been requested to prepare to move the equipment to Italy to be ready for production testing by mid March.

7.     Bias Circuit Fabrication

a.      39 circuits were delivered to Italy, where they are in process of being dimensionally inspected.  Serial numbers must be added in Italy.

b.     Another 40 are at SLAC

8.     Bottom Tray Panel Assembly Tooling

a.      Work is starting in Italy on remaking the tooling, to improve upon the EM experience and to accommodate the corner brackets with flexures already installed.

b.     The need date is end of February.

9.     Honeycomb Cores

a.      All cores have been inspected in Italy, and only 14 light mid-tray cores are suitable for flight fabrication (13 are needed for one tower).

b.     The new order of cores is expected to be ready for inspection by SLAC QA at Plascore January 27.

10.  Mid Tray Panel Fabrication

a.      Documentation for the Plyform work and the ESPI test was updated and is being reviewed and checked.

b.     SLAC QA is traveling to Plyform next week to close out all PRR actions and issues.

c.      Production needs to start about Feb 4.

11.  Mid Tray Panel Bakeout

a.      The equipment is ready at INFN Roma-2.

b.     Procedure documentation is being drafted.

12.  PWB Machining and Inspection

a.      About 100 boards were received from Holt this week and are being inspected.

13.  Pitch Adapter Receiving and Inspection

a.      After discussions in Italy last week, we are starting to implement a plan to screen all the parts to reject dimensional outliers that will cause problems in tray assembly.

b.     Work is in progress to design a fixture to expedite the screening procedure.

14.  Nano-Connector Fabrication

a.      A visit was made to Omnetics to resolve design and manufacturing issues.

i.       Bonding problem resolved by bead-blasting the polyphenylene sulfide insulator and Aluminum housing to increase the bond surface. 

ii.     Jack screws shortened to permit contacts to mate before screws engage.

iii.   Housing of female connector redesigned to prevent bending of jack-screw tabs.

iv.   Omnetics directed to proceed with manufacture of male board-mount connectors while female housing design changes are qualified

b.     Omnetics completed testing of the new bonding procedure and is proceeding to make male connectors for the start of MCM fabrication.

15.  ASIC Fabrication

a.      The GTRC-V7 production completed, and the wafers were received at SLAC today.

16.  ASIC Wafer Testing

a.      UCSC is preparing to start testing the GTRC-V7 wafers Monday.

b.     Initially 1 wafer will be tested and then sent for dicing, to get chips quickly for testing on MCMs.

17.  ASIC Wafer Lapping, Dicing, Inspection

a.      SLAC purchasing is still placing the PO for dicing the GTRC-V7 wafers.

18.  Polyswitch Qualification

a.      Still in progress at UCSC.

19.  MCM Test System

a.      Work is in progress to print a better summary of the test results for use at Teledyne.

b.     Documentation of the test procedure is being updated to include all the MIPs now defined during the Teledyne process.

20.  MCM Assembly and Test

a.      The SOW for Teledyne was completed and signed off.

b.     SLAC purchasing is working the contract with Teledyne.

c.      A new inspector was hired by SLAC QA to oversee the production on site at Teledyne.

d.     Preproduction is proceeding.  3 units were delivered to Italy last week.  10 more units have been completed and burned in and are now going into some additional dimensional tests on the pitch adapter before shipping to Italy.  Other units are ready for burn-in.  Preproduction is scheduled to complete by February 6.

e.      Preparations are in progress for a PRR, tentatively scheduled for the end of next week.

f.       We are shooting for a February 9 start of the flight production.

21.  MCM Burn-In and Acceptance Test System

a.      The acceptance thermal cycles have been carried out on 14 MCMs at SLAC with no problems encountered.

b.     The burn-in system is working well at UCSC but needs to move to SLAC in the next couple of weeks.

c.      The procedure document was completed and sent out for review (but no response back. . .)

22.  MCM-ASIC Qualification Testing

a.      Assembly of fixtures is in progress for the environmental tests.

b.     The test plan has been drafted, but the document still needs some work.

23.  Tray Assembly Tooling for Integration of Ladders and MCMs at G&A

a.      Tooling for installation of ladders on bottom trays is only starting and needs to be completed by the end of February.

b.     A plan was worked out at G&A last week for them to test MCM mounting and wire bonding on 10 preproduction units.  This will lead to the final procedures and tooling for this activity, which needs to be ready by mid March.

24.  Tray Thermal Cycle

a.      The system was tested with dummy trays inside of the service boxes, so that now the times needed are well understood.

25.  Stacked Tray Test

a.      The mechanical test fixture is ready.

b.     Flex-circuit cables and micro-D jumpers are needed.

c.      Work is in progress on the test scripts, with weekly meetings between US and Italy.

26.  Tower Assembly Fixtures

a.      We saw the nearly completed assembly fixture at G&A last week, including the mechanism for safely moving a tray into place.

b.     The mechanism for turning the tower right-side-up has been designed but not yet made.

27.  Shipping Containers

a.      Issues with the prototype containers (inner and outer) were discussed in Italy last week, and a list of changes was generated.

28.  Sidewall Manufacture

a.      Coupon tests are in progress at Plyform on the EM sidewall panels.

b.     A coupon was inspected under microscope at Swales.

c.      The design has been modified:

i.       Inspection holes were removed.

ii.     Countersinks were changed from 100 degrees to 120 degrees (tests showed that this solves the problem with torque damaging the sidewalls.

iii.   50 microns of aluminum on the outside was changed to 25 microns on each side.

29.  Flex Circuit Fabrication and Test

a.      The SOW was signed off.

b.     We are preparing for a PRR, hopefully next week.  Some detailed design work is still in progress.

c.      A cable test setup for use at SLAC should be ready to try out next week on burn-in cables.

30.  Tower Fasteners

a.      Work started to procure the new 120 degree countersink screws.