Tracker Status

July 23, 2004


Tower-A Tray Panels

            - Production is getting back on track following the problems with

              Kapton adhesion to the tungsten.  The tungsten foils have been

              bead blasted with a 1-micron roughness, and plans are being

              finalized to prepare the Kapton surface also.

            - Plyform has committed to a schedule for the Tower-A trays and

              will work Saturdays through August 6 to complete the work by

              that date on all Tower-A trays plus some spares.

            - The TRR for the Tower-A bottom tray static test was completed this week.



            - 222 MCMs have been produced, and 194 have been received by SLAC

            - 109 of them have been reworked with 75-ohm resistors for the clock

              bus terminations.  The rework is proceding rapidly, and finally

              SLAC purchasing authorized a PO change for Teledyne to start putting

              the 75-ohm resistors on in production.

            - Only 2 flight trays will have MCMs with 100-ohm termination, as a

              stock of reworked MCMs is now in Italy.

            - Some of the revised pitch adapters finally arrived, and now there will

              be a push to qualify them in the process and get more ordered.



Tray Assembly (MCM and ladder integration)

            - 2 flight trays have trailblazed the entire process through MCM mounting,

              ladder mounting, wire bonding, and encapsulation with excellent results

              so far.

            - G&A did a beautiful job of developing the MCM attachment, wire bonding,

              and encapsulation processesover the past few months, and on these trays

              the number of bad channels (out of >6000), measured before encapsulation,

              could be counted on one hand and was far below the maximum allowed.  Only

              2 channels were missing the wire-bond connection.  The cause was found to

              be contamination on the pitch adapter circuit.  Those bonds were reworked

              and a new, more aggressive cleaning of the pitch adapter will be done

              in the future.

            - Early next week the encapsulated trays will be functionally tested and

              then put through thermal vacuum cycles as final qualification of the


            - G&A has agreed to defer vacations until the Tower A trays all are

              assembled.  We expect that the last tray will be done and ready for

              testing around August 8.


Sidewall Assembly,

            - Plyform will have the Tower-A sidewalls completed before the August

              vacation shutdown.

            - SLAC is preparing the PO for the remaining prepreg needed for the

              flight towers.


Flex-Circuit Cables

            - Coupons from the first cables were sent to NASA for testing.

            - Parlex agreed upon a new delivery schedule for the remaining flight

              cables which supports the Tracker schedule.


Heat straps

            - The first sets of heat straps are in Italy ready for their incoming

              inspection.  The tie-down bars need to be modified by cutting them

              from 1 piece to 2, to facilitate installation (the drawings have

              been so modified).


Interface Hardware

            - The Tower-A hardware will be shipped to Italy next week.  There was

              a delay with the hex bushing, which was originally made from the

              wrong material and had to be redone.  The delay had no impact on

              Tower A, however.


Cable Corner Brackets

            - The design was signed off this week, and procurement has begun. These

              are the last pieces of Tracker flight hardware to be designed.


Tower Fasteners:

            - The M2.5 100-degree head screws were inspected and are good to go.

            - The 2mm pins are also inspected and ready.


Tower Assembly

            - The detailed procedure documents and assembly drawings are still in work.

            - The CMM-based alignment procedure was successfully developed and tested.

              The cones can be readily adjusted to better than the needed precision.

            - Assembly of Tower-A is scheduled for the last week of August.


Environmental Test

            - INFN located a TQCM to be used at least for Tower A testing.

            - The environmental tests for Tower A should be done in the time frame of

              September 6 through September 17.



            - The cable holding plate was completed.

            - The lifting fixture was proof loaded and is ready to ship.

            - The inner shipping container was assembled and will be proof loaded

              next week.

            - The cactus-arm cable bending tool is in the shop.

            - The tooling-ball nests are in the shop.

            - 18 vibe fixtures are still in fabrication.

            - The outer shipping container has been spec'ed out and a print is

              in preparation for review.  An environmental recorder with battery

              and memory sufficient for the entire trip to SLAC was found and is

              being procured.