Tracker Status

July 30, 2004


Tower-A Tray Panels

-        All Tower-A panels have been fully assembled, although there are 2 that still need the bias circuit replaced on at least one side.

-        10 of the panels have been vibration tested; that will be completed for the remainder next week.

-        All panels should be complete and delivered to G&A for integration of ladders and MCMs by the end of next week.



-        Teledyne is switching to use of 75-ohm resistors for the clock termination.  Zentek is continuing to rework the existing boards, and all of the non-reworked boards in Italy are being shipped back to SLAC.

-        The new pitch adapters have arrived for qualification testing, and Teledyne is on contract to do that work.  We should have preliminary results next week.


Tray Assembly (MCM and ladder integration)

-        The first two trays had their wire bonds encapsulated between MCM and SSDs.  On the first MCM 3 bonds were broken (out of >1500), but that problem was resolved, and their were no losses on the remaining 3 MCMs.

-        Those two trays were put through thermal/vacuum at 50C for >12 hours, and afterwards no changes in functionality or leakage current were detected.

-        Those two trays are undergoing thermal cycles at atmospheric pressure today.

-        Three more trays panels are at G&A today to be assembled with MCMs and ladders.

-        All Tower A trays are expected to be fully assembled by August 10.


Sidewall Assembly,

            - Plyform has completed some test layups using the flight-order prepreg.  The dimensions and flatness were within specifications.

            - One panel was completed to be cut up into coupons for testing next week.


Tower Assembly

            - New drafts of the assembly drawings and the alignment procedure went out for review.


Interface Hardware

            - The Tower-A hardware will be ready to ship as soon as the Dycronite coating of the studs is completed.


Cable Corner Brackets

            - Fabrication is in progress, with completion expected in about 1.5 weeks.


Environmental Test

            - The thermal-vacuum inner shield was assembled and is ready for testing.



-        The tooling-ball nests are in hand and ready for QC.

-        The outer shipping container drawing and spec was sent out for review.

-        The fixture for rotating the tower upright after assembly is in the INFN shop and will be ready next week for testing.



-        The EGSE system for thermal-vacuum testing was received from the electronics group and is being further tested by the Tracker group.

-        A plan was developed to equip all 4 stacked tray test systems with cables at a manageable cost.