Tracker Status

July 9, 2004


Tower Alignment

            - The alignment program was successfully developed at SLAC last week.

            - This week the program is was tested in Pisa.


Tower-A Mid Tray Panels

            - ASTM coupon tests were done to characterize the peel strength of the

              3M-2216 adhesive versus temperature and showed no issue up to well

              above 55C.

            - Tungsten-Kapton coupons were made and tested with various surface

              preparations.  Bead blasting showed a factor of 2.5 increase in

              peel strength compared with the previous technique and also gave

              much better uniformity to the bond.

            - Bead blasting of all the tungsten plates will be done next week.


Top/Bottom Tray Panels

            - The Tower-A panel was fabricated and measured.  The metrology

              procedure was improved this week and measurements will be repeated


            - The closeouts for the top tray were machined.



            - 45 flight MCMs were reworked at Zentek and tested at SLAC.  None of

              them showed any problems with register readback after the rework,

              including tests at -30C.  These will go to Pisa Monday.

            - Improved pitch adapters are in production, finally, with 50 due next



Tray Assembly (MCM and ladder integration)

            - The complete process was finalized.  One last change was made, to add

              nuts to the grounding pins to make good ground contact of the pin to

              the front side of the MCM.

            - MCMs and ladders were mounted on the first two flight trays.  They

              will be wire bonded over the weekend and tested Monday.


Flex-Circuit Cables

            - 2 sets of flight cables were delivered to INFN.

            - 6 EGSE cables were also delivered to Pisa, along with connector savers.


Heat straps

            - The Tower-A set is in work in the SLAC shop and should be completed



Interface Hardware

            - Enough studs, cones, hex bushings and nuts were procured for Tower A.



            - The cable holding plate is in fabrication and due today.

            - The lifting fixture should be completed today and tested tomorrow.

            - The inner shipping container is in fabrication and will be ready

              early next week.

            - More vibe fixtures are in fabrication.

            - Cable bending tools are in work at SLAC