Tracker Status

June 11, 2004


Tracker-Grid Interface

            - Flight cones, studs, shims, and hex bushings are on order from AMT.

            - Nitronic-60 nuts are on order from Diamond Tool and Die.

            - Work is in progress on the remaining GSE tools for installation.


Bottom/Top Tray Panels

            - The assembly drawings are completed and released.

            - The new EM bottom tray was assembled this week and is being

              dimensionally checked by CMM today.

            - The static test will be executed on the EM bottom tray this weekend.

            - Top tray closeouts are ready to be machined.

            - The Tower-A bottom tray will be assembled next week.


Mid Tray Panels

            - 17 trays have been completed through ESPI testing, and

              7 trays are completed up through vibration testing.



            - 85 MCMs were completed at Teledyne as of a week ago. 

            - We expect that 99 will have been completed by COB today.

            - Steps are being taken to get the rate back up to 5/day next week.

            - An MRB is being held on Monday to decide whether to rework the

              MCMs with 75-ohm termination resistors on the clock busses.


Tray Assembly (MCM and ladder integration)

            - Assembly drawings are ready to go out for sign-off.

            - The procedure document is out for review.

            - The outcome of work at G&A this week is that the MCM mounting tooling

              needs another tweak.  Tray assembly should start next week, and we

              will investigate with G&A how to make up the schedule slip.



            - Prepreg is at Plyform.

            - There have been some problems with procuring the desired aluminum foil,

              so we are looking at a possible change in spec to use a foil quickly

              available in Italy.

            - The release of the assembly specification document is still in iterations.


Flex-Circuit Cables

            - The flight cables are on order, with 2 sets due July 8.


Tower Assembly and Alignment

            - Work is moving forward to develop and test the alignment procedure using

              at SLAC the I&T mockup tower.

            - After the EM vibration test, that tower (with its flight-like bottom

              tray) will be used to test the procedures in Pisa.


Vibration Test

            - The vibration fixture should be done in the SLAC shop today.

            - The studs were coated and Monday/Tuesday will be fitted with

              locking devices.

            - Plans are in work to hand carry these items to Pisa mid next week.

            - TRR end of next week.

            - We are shooting to start the vibe test June 21.