Tracker Status

June 18, 2004


Tracker-Grid Interface

            - AMT agreed to supply 18 sets of flight cones, studs, shims, and

              hex bushings by June 30.

            - GSE tools for installation will be tested next week.


Bottom/Top Tray Panels

            - The new EM bottom tray was completed and successfully static tested.

            - Assembly of the flight Tower-A bottom and top trays is delayed to

              next week.


Tower-A Mid Tray Panels

            - Need 11 standard mid-trays -

            3 are in Rome for bakeout

            4 are ready to be shipped to Rome from Plyform

            2 are in paint (last step at Plyform)

            2 are in ESPI testing in Pisa

            - Need 4 heavy mid-trays

            2 are in paint

            2 are in fab (final trim)

            - Need 2 light mid-trays

            2 are in ESPI testing in Pisa



            - Monday's MRB determined that we should proceed with screened MCMs as-is

              for Tower-A and rework others asap with 75-ohm clock termination


            - 12 MCMs in Pisa pass the screening.

            - 18 MCMs at SLAC pass and can ship to Pisa Monday.

            - An RFQ and SOW for the rework will go out to 2 vendors today.

            - 36 MCMs will start the thermal-cycle/burn-in process today (the burn-in

              may be interrupted next week for the resistor rework)


Tray Assembly (MCM and ladder integration)

            - One assembly drawings is out for review.

            - The procedure document is out for review.

            - G&A is still preparing for tray assembly and should start early next week.



            - All material is in hand.

            - Drawings are released.

            - Release of the assembly specification document will hopefully happen today.


Thermal Straps

            - Held a meeting this morning to converge on issues holding up the drawing release

            - Small drawing revisions will be made before ordering


Flex-Circuit Cables

            - The flight cables are on order, with 2 sets due July 8.

            - 6 C0 cables were received at SLAC yesterday and are being tested.


Tower Assembly and Alignment

            - Assembly drawings are in work.

            - Alignment procedures will be tested at SLAC next week.


EM Vibration Test

            - All needed equipment is in Italy.

            - The tower was assembled yesterday with the new bottom tray.

            - The vibration fixture is being mounted today.

            - The test setup will occur Monday, followed by the final TRR