Tracker Status

June 25, 2004


EM Vibration Test

            - The test setup began Monday at Alenia and all test cases in z, y,

              and x were completed by COB Thursday, one day early.

            - All preliminary results point to a completely successful test.  The

              frequency shifts after-vs-before random vibe were at most 1%.  The

              resonant frequencies and Q's were consistent with expectations. 

              No fasteners were observed to lose torque, and no damage was observed.


Tower-A Mid Tray Panels

            - During thermal-vacuum testing of tray panels (no electronics or silicon),

              debonding of bias circuits was observed on the tungsten side of the trays.

              This is introducing a delay to review and improve the tungsten surface

              preparation prior to bonding of the Kapton circuits.



            - Quote for MCM resistor rework (75 ohms) are due today from Teledyne

              and Zentek.

            - 36 MCMs are in burn-in at SLAC.

            - Parlex is ready to start producing prototype improved pitch adapters as

              soon as SLAC releases a PO to them.


Tray Assembly (MCM and ladder integration)

            - G&A has successfully completed wire bonding tests on preproduction MCMs.

            - The bonding procedure for MCMs has been finalized.

            - They are working on finalizing the process and tests for wire bond


            - Assembly of 2 non-flight trays should begin early next week.


Flex-Circuit Cables

            - 6 C0 cables were received at SLAC and tested.  Two of them have problems

              that are under investigation.