Tracker Status Report

March 12, 2004


1.     Thermal Vacuum Testing

a.      The thermal balance test is finishing today. 

b.     All objectives appear to have been achieved after overcoming some difficulties with the electronics.

c.      Now the data analysis begins.

2.     Mid Tray Production

a.      Instead of 10 panels being ready for ESPI testing this week, as reported last week, we are now expecting 20 panels ready for ESPI testing March 29.

3.     Bottom Tray Closeouts

a.      Drawings have been delayed because of the need to redo several solid models.

b.     The plan has changed to interface with COI by phone.  Drawings should be ready sometime next week.

4.     Tracker mechanical drawings

a.      Work is in progress on the remaining bottom-tray drawings, including assembly drawings.

b.     The interface hardware drawings are also in progress and will be reviewed Monday.

5.     Bottom tray assembly fixtures

a.      The drawings are complete and have been reviewed with the G&A machine shop.

b.     The drawings need to be crosschecked against the bottom tray assembly drawing, which will be available mid next week.

6.     Bottom Tray Titanium Parts and Flexures

a.      Work is in progress at Advanced Machining, with all parts expected by April 9.

7.     Bottom Tray Static Test

a.      The test fixture just got out of Italian customs.

b.     Work will start next week to assemble it in Italy and test it with the EM tray.

8.     Hytec contract phase-out

a.      The stress analysis report was received from Hytec. 

9.     Bias Circuit Fabrication

a.      50 new bias circuits will be delivered Monday.

b.     They will ship as normal to Pisa after QC at SLAC, since the need date in Italy has slipped.

10.  PWB Machining and Inspection

a.      Diamond Machining has been approved to machine all the parts and perform the dimensional inspection, following a QA survey.

11.  MCM Assembly and Test

a.      The last 11 preproduction MCMs will be ready for final test and inspection at Teledyne on Monday.  They will then be delivered to SLAC for thermal cycling and burn-in.

b.     Flight production: Teledyne is ready to roll but has been sitting waiting for a PO for 2 weeks now.

12.  Sidewall Manufacture

a.      A complete draft specification was prepared in Italy and is ready for review.