Tracker Status

May 14, 2004


Tracker-Grid Interface

            - Testing is in progress on evaluation hardware by pull testing.

            - 34 cone-stud hardware sets are scheduled to arrive next week.

            - Design work is in progress on tools for cone extraction, adjustment,

              and alignment.


Bottom/Top Tray Panels

            - The design details are completed and signed off.

            - Insert machining started this week but was then halted when it was

              discovered that the vendor shipped the wrong alloy.  A decision was

              made to use titanium.  Inserts will be ready May 28.

            - Machining of the assembly tooling is still in progress but should be

              done next week.

            - Closeouts and titanium parts are in Italy.

            - Aluminum core for the bottom tray is on order, but existing cores can

              be readily cut to size for the first towers.


Mid Tray Panels

            - 15 (9 light, 6 heavy) produced through ESPI and GND testing.

            - These were dimensionally checked and 2 rejected.

            - 4 were completed through bias circuit bonding and passed vibration

              testing at Centrotecnica.



            - Less than 1000 of the full order of 11,400 SSDs remain to be tested.

            - 1055 ladders assembled, with 16 rejected.



            - Total of 21 received, including 12 this week.

            - 11 more have been shipped from Teledyne, and 7 should ship today,

              giving a total sufficient for Tower A.

            - 6 completed thermal cycles and burn-in and passed final test, but

              were locked up by QA for procedural nonconformance.

            - The burn-in system with EM-2 TEM/PS was acceptance tested according

              a newly released procedure this week.

            - 12 completed thermal cycles and are starting burn-in.


Tray Assembly

            - G&A is completing tests of the new tooling and procedures for MCM


            - MCM mounting pin design was completed and is out for release.  These

              objects need to be machined and plated before tray assembly can


            - Work is in progress on updating the relevant assembly drawings.

            - The procedure document is out for review.



            - Prepreg for the first couple of towers should be delivered next week.

            - The fabrication specification document is out for release.

            - Drawings have been released.

            - Titanium washers are being procured.


Flex-Circuit Cables

            - The designs are complete and reviewed and final redlines are being


            - A final check of mechanical vs electrical designs will be done and

              the drawings sent out for release next week.


Tower Assembly and Alignment

            - A conceptual design was completed for an aluminum part to go on

              the top of the tower to fasten the cable ends and also support

              the alignment retroreflectors.

            - We determined that the tower mockup being assembled by AI&T can

              and will be used to debug and prove the alignment software and




            - The lifting fixture design is still in progress but converging.

            - The vibration fixture drawing is out for release.

            - The cable restraining plate is under design.

            - Cable bending tools are being designed.