Tracker Status

May 21, 2004


Tracker-Grid Interface

            - Some progress was made on understanding torque during static


            - 34 cone-stud hardware sets are delayed until next week.

            - Good progress is being made on the GSE.


Bottom/Top Tray Panels

            - Top tray assembly drawings went out for release.  A few details

              need closure on the bottom tray assembly.

            - Assembly tooling is machined and was checked dimensionally this


            - The static test fixture plate was received at SLAC and inspected.

            - Titatium for inserts should be in hand by today, and machining will

              be done next week.


Mid Tray Panels

            - 3 more panels were vibration tested with excellent results.

            - The T/V procedure for panels is out for release and the setup is

              ready to go at Roma-II.

            - Work is in progress to peel test the black paint to resolve an NCR.



            - Well more than enough for Tower A are at SLAC.

            - Production and test is going smoothly now at Teledyne.  The incidence

              of ASIC failure on MCMs at MIP-2 testing is zero for the past couple

              of weeks, after visual inspection of all the die.

            - 15 MCMs will complete burn-in tomorrow, then final test.  At least 11

              of them should ship on Monday to Pisa (4 have an open NCR but are

              probably okay---TBD).

            - NASA QA reviewed Teledyne operations yesterday.


Tray Assembly

            - G&A should complete next week tests of the new tooling and

              procedures for MCM mounting.

            - Material should be available today for machining the TMCM pins.

            - Work is in progress at SLAC on updating the relevant assembly drawings.

            - The procedure document is still in work.



            - Prepreg for the first couple of towers is in transit.

            - The fabrication specification document is out for release.

            - Drawings have been released.

            - Titanium washers are being procured and should arrive May 25.


Flex-Circuit Cables

            - Finally the drawings are out for release.


Tower Assembly and Alignment

            - A conceptual design was completed for an aluminum part to go on

              the top of the tower to fasten the cable ends and also support

              the alignment retroreflectors.

            - We determined that the tower mockup being assembled by AI&T can

              and will be used to debug and prove the alignment software and



Vibration Test

            - The vibration fixture drawing is released and procurement in