Tracker Status

September 10, 2004


Tray Assembly

-        A Tracker response to the ART report was drafted and submitted to the project office as a plan forward to resumption of tray fabrication.

-        GSFC completed etching and priming of at least 100 tiles.

-        INFN met with Plyform to start implementation of the recovery plans.  Plyform’s response has been very positive thus far.

-        Wire and compression pad materials were found for testing of the ART recommendations.



-        Production and testing is continuing at Teledyne, with 52 in the production line, including 14 in source inspection.

-        Burn-in and final testing is progressing at SLAC, with 36 MCMs presently in the thermal chamber.

-        Work in progress on several fronts at SLAC to keep materials flowing into the production line.

-        Work progressed on how to address the conformal coating workmanship issues, and investigations into the short circuits continued.


Flex Circuit Cables

-        More meetings were held on the coupon testing issues.

-        Some trial cable installations were carried out in Pisa on a mockup, and some issues with strain relief and tooling were noted and are being addressed.


Misc. SLAC Deliveries to INFN

-        The PO for the shipping container is out and work has started at the vendor.

-        Epoxy, tape, and 68 bias circuits were shipped to Pisa.

-        The first corner brackets that go at the top of the tower for mounting cables were badly manufactured and are non-flight but will be used for a trial assembly.  The manufacturing errors are being corrected.


Tower Assembly

-        The trial assembly of a tower will start next week, and all tests and measurements should be completed after 2 weeks.  Several non-flight trays were reworked, with MCMs installed, so that the resulting tower will be functional and will provide a platform for verification of the functional tests as well as alignment and mechanical tolerance measurements.