Tracker Status

December 17, 2004


Tower A:

- Tower A completed vibration testing with no issues.  No channels were lost during the test.

- Tower A is in thermal-vacuum testing, going into its third thermal cycle.  Thus far no wire-bond degradation (loss of channels) has been observed during the cycles.

- Prior to beginning the test the lower test temperature was raised from -30C to -20C.

- The Tower-A pre-ship review is scheduled for 8:00 am PST December 28.


Tray Assembly:

- All Tower B trays will be completed by G&A before their Christmas shutdown (i.e. very soon)

- Tower 0 heavy trays have been going through successively larger thermal cycles this week to get more data on ladder encapsulation/wire-bond failure.



- 11 more reworked and tested MCMs were shipped to Pisa

- Rework of MCMs with delaminated pitch adapters began at SLAC.

- The NASA anomaly review team continued to help the Tracker team investigate the encapsulation failures.  The focus is on contamination, and some evidence of silicone contamination in failed regions is coming in.  A first test of using a cover instead of encapsulation was carried out, with preliminary but encouraging results.

- An MRR to get Teledyne production restarted up through wire bonding was carried out.  Closing the action items is in progress, and production should resume next week.

- The PO to get Teledyne fully back into production is still going back and forth between SLAC and Teledyne.


Flex Circuit Cables:

- 6 panels are being fabricated by Parlex to prove the process with a new cleaning step.

- SLAC continues holding weekly meetings with Parlex on a series of action items designed to resolve the outstanding quality issues.

- The NASA anomaly review team is at Parlex today.

- A first article cable made up from two spliced parts was tested, but a couple of open circuits were detected.

- An RFP for spliced cables was prepared, along with the associated engineering drawings.

- Quotes for full-size flight cables were received from some vendors.


EMI/EMC Testing:

- Parts for the first test fixture should arrive at SLAC today.

- Progress was made on finalizing the plan for EMI taping the top and corners of the tower.



- Efforts continue to inventory all parts and order spares

- A shipment of parts and materials for Tower B and up went out from SLAC to Pisa.

- The Tower-B shipping container was shipped out to Pisa.


Tray Production Statistics (not counting Tower-0):

- Bare tray panels: 145

- Panels with ESPI done: 145

- Tray Panels with W and Kapton: 52

- Tray panels with T/V test done: 44

- Completed trays delivered from G&A: 22

- Trays with thermal cycles done: 21