Tracker Status

February 18, 2005


Tower B: arrived at SLAC.  The comprehensive test (CPT) was fine.  EMI testing passed.  EMI taping was done today, and the handoff testing will start over the weekend.


Tower 1: initial assembly and CPT were completed.  Sidewalls were installed and alignment was done.  Environmental testing is scheduled for Feb 28.


Tray Assembly: work continued on Tower-2 tray assembly, which is expected to complete next Tuesday.



- The first MCMs were ready for electrical testing (pre-encapsulation), and electrical testing was done Wednesday and today.

- One new hiccup occurred: the latest batch of tall PWBs is significantly off in the placement of the raised edge for the pitch adapter.  Corrective is being taken with the vendor DDI.

- Pitch adapters were received from Dyconex, and 2 were bonded to PWBs to test them.  They bent around the curve beautifully, with no cracking.

- Latest developments in the delamination issue indicate the there is not necessarily a problem with the new process.   Sectioning of PWBs that showed strong reflections in the sonar scan found no delamination at all.  The final word will be from testing completed MCMs from the new production, over the next couple of weeks.


Cables: we continue to have quality problems with Parlex cables, even though the coupon tests at least are coming out better.  Steve Kahn will travel to Parlex next week to work these issues.  Meanwhile, Tower-2 will probably have 2 cables from panels with bad coupon results.