Tracker Status

November 19, 2004


Tray Assembly

-        The first 2 Tower A trays were inspected and electrically tested with excellent results.  4 more are being tested today.

-        All Tower A trays are expected to be assembled and functional by end of next week (no holiday next week in Italy).

-        Plyform has modified and extended the final finish-machine step of the tray panel fabrication to guarantee that the MCM pocket is planar and has at least the minimum depth needed for MCM clearance.  This, together with the controls on the MCM/connector thickness at SLAC and the new controls on the tray assembly at G&A, resolve the connector interference issue that we had with the Tower-0 trays.



-        25 more fully tested and inspected MCMs were shipped to Italy yesterday, including 7 tall ones.

-        Reworking of conformal coating on MCMs is in progress this week.

-        Inspection of the pitch-adapter for debonding of the adhesive is now being done prior to shipping. 

-        Two new pitch-adapter types were tried out at Teledyne this week and are being inspected today. 


Flex Circuit Cables

-        LAT QA and Dave Nelson are at Parlex this week working the issues.

-        Two cables were thermal cycled from -50C to +125C (about double our tower test range):

1.     A cable with bad coupons failed somewhere between 16 and 20 cycles.

2.     A cable with good coupons is still good after 26 cycles.

-        The cables for Tower-A are being reworked this week at SLAC to replace the termination resistors with 75-ohm resistors.  They will be fully tested next week and then hand carried to Italy.