Tracker Tiger Team

Bias-Circuit Bonding Anomaly Review

Anomaly Review Team Report (pdf)  
Tracker Team Response (pdf)   Schedule (pdf)  
MRR for resumption of flight production at Plyform (ppt)  
Revised tray assembly procedure (pdf)  
New Plyform Procedures:  
      Mech-6, Mech-7, Mech-8, Mech-9, Mech-10  
NCRs Relevant to Debonding Issue  
        NCR status chart  
       NCR 76_78_79  
Notes on Tungsten Surface Preparation and Bonding  
      Treatment of Tungsten  
      Bead Blasted Tungsten Pictures  
           1, 2, 3, 4  
      Management Meeting Minutes - July 21, 2004  
      Military Handbook Recipe for bonding to tungsten
      3M Scotch Weld Adhesive 3M data sheets
      Table of 3M adhesive properties More complete data on more adhesives
Tracker ART Documents  
      LAT Tracker Update  
      LAT Tracker Update 1  
      GLAST LAT Tracker Anomaly Resolution Team  
      Comments to Investigation Memo  
      Fingerprints on Tiles  
Tracker Drawing Tree Complete drawing tree
Tracker Tray Assembly Drawings (mid tray with thin converter foils): Subset of drawings, relevant to the Tiger Team task 
     LAT-DS-00180-04 Assembly with MCMs and SSDs
     LAT-DS-00148-05 Mechanical tray panel assembly
     LAT-DS-00791-08 Thin converter foil
     LAT-DS-00192-08 Bias circuit assembly
Tray Assembly Procedures  
     LAT-PS-01584 Mid tray assembly procedure
     LAT-PS-01918 ESPI test procedure
     LAT-PS-03349 Tray panel T/V test procedure
Tracker Bias Circuit Bonding  
     Bias Circuit Analysis To Date Summary by John Ku
      Management Summaries  
      Hytec Analysis  
Status Summaries  
     Tray Test Status Link to the status on the Pisa web page
     Tower A Status  
     Tower A Status (8/25/04)  



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