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LAT Tracker Subsystem

Robert Johnson
Subsystem Manager

Ronaldo Bellazzini
Italian Tracker Project Manager

Alessandro Brez; Martin Nordby; David Rich
Lead Subsystem Engineers

Tracker Tower Design Exploded View

Subsystem Meetings [Meeting Minutes][Test Software Mtg Minutes]
Status [Weekly Status] [MCM Status] [TMCM Shipment][Materials in Italy]
End-Item Data Package [A][B][1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]
Tower Preship Review [B][1,3][4,5][6][7,9][8,14][10][11,12,13][15][16]
Handoff Reviews [4,5][6][7,9][8][10][11][12][13][14][15]
Production Readiness Reviews [G&A Ladders] [Mipot Ladders] [Tray Panels] [ASICs] [MCMs] [Flex Cables]
Test Readiness Reviews [ EM T/V] [Tower A Env. Test][Tower B Env. Test]
Design Documentation [LAT TKR Technical Documents] [Hytec Notes] [Other Documents and Notes] [Doc Release]
Drawings and Parts [NEW Drawing Tree and Parts List] [Tooling & MGSE] [EGSE]
Design Reviews [LAT Tracker PDR] [Tracker EL-PDR] [Delta PDR] [Peer Review] [CDR] [March 04]
Anomaly Review Teams [Flexure-Mount Failure] [GTRC] [EM Vibe] [Bias Circuit Bonding][MCM & Cables]
Quality Assurance [Pisa] [SLAC] [Requirements] [NCR] [QA Documents]
Presentations and Papers [Presentations] [Publications]
Photos [Mechanical & Assembly] [Electronics] [Tower Photos, INFN, 1-7-05] [Tracker Photos, Italy Jan. 04] [Cable Bending Tool] [Flex Cable Coupons] [Tower A Integration to Grid, 4/05/05] [Bias Circuit Delam 6/1/05]
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