Misc. Tracker Documents

  1. Effect of encapsulation of wire bonds on the ladder leakage current.  (pdf)

  2. GTRC ASIC design flow.  (pdf)

  3. QC results on the first EM carbon-carbon closeout pieces machined in Italy, 6-5-02.  (pdf)

  4. BFEM Temperature Measurements, Dave Lauben, 3-18-02.  (pdf)

  5. Report on the March 19, 2002 meeting at HPK, Hartmut Sadrozinski.  (pdf)

  6. Report on nonconforming SSD wafers from HPK, Sandro Brez, 3-7-02.  (pdf)

  7. Carbon-carbon closeout and carbon-fiber/cyanate-ester sidewall material properties from coupon testing done by Hytec (and 3rd party vendors).  (pdf)

  8. Sandro's reports on SSD non-conformance of the first 3000 wafers (9-17-02):

  9. Note by Hartmut and Eduardo on the relevance of testing the TOT of the Tracker readout system.  (pdf)

  10. Sandro's results on electrical testing of EM ladders after encapsulation, 9-19-02.  (pdf)

  11. Some tray and support box thermal test results from Bari/Terni, 11-22-02.  (pdf)

  12. Ladder production status at G&A, 12-09-02.  (pdf)

  13. Preliminary trigger simulation results from Bari, 11-29-02. (pdf)

  14. Some more trigger efficiency simulation results from Bari, 1-10-03.  (pdf)

  15. Preliminary thermal cycling results on trays in service boxes, 11-29-02. (pdf)

  16. Preliminary bond test between MCM and SSDs, 11-22-02. (pdf)

  17. Status of 6 MCMs for the mini-tower, 1-21-03. (pdf)

  18. Buckling analysis from Hytec, 5-19-03.  (pdf)

  19. TMCM Pitch adaptor dxf file (dxf)

  20. Short TMCM PWB dxf file (dxf)

  21. COI materials test results on the M55J bottom tray closeout coupons (pdf)

  22. Mini-tower MCM issues, July 03 (pdf)

  23. Issues with Plyform sidewall panel thickness, analysis by A. Brez, Aug. 03 (ppt)

  24. GTFE wafer yield, from Marcus Ziegler, Aug. 03 (pdf)

  25. Flexure qualification analysis, Hytec, 9-24-03 (pdf)

  26. Vibration test predictions for the EM, Hytec, 10-30-03 (pdf)

  27. Trip report (to Italy), Jim Martin, 10-23-03

  28. Photos of the grounding cylinder, Sandro, 10-31-03 (pdf)

  29. Fit check of the flex-circuit cable design, 12-15-03

  30. Relative displacements of tracker modules from the early CLA (Jan 8, 04)

  31. Parlex pitch adapter measurements, 1-8-04 (pdf)

  32. Robert's note on thermal margins, 3-2-04 (pdf)

  33. Mike's presentation on the redesign of the Grid side of the interface, 4-9-04 (pdf)

  34. Shock data for EM transportation in Italy (xls)

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