LAT Tracker Module

Bottom Tray_Flexure_HeatStrap_A.jpg (105897 bytes)    Final bottom tray design with interfaces.

Flexures - 3 blade.jpg (41945 bytes)    Final 3-blade 1-piece flexure designs.

Tower Config with Sidewalls.jpg (89428 bytes)    Completed tracker module.

Tower_bottom-mid trays _Flexure view.jpg (129654 bytes)    Bottom 3 trays of a tracker module.

V4 Tower A-small.JPG (363856 bytes)    Exploded view of a tracker module.


Superceded Drawings

V2 tracker tower.jpg (63713 bytes)    Old rendering of a complete module.

AO V2 tracker tower-cutaway view.jpg (174029 bytes)    Old cutaway near the top corner.

AO V2 tracker tower-exploded.jpg (177855 bytes)    Old exploded view.

AO V2 tracker tower-flexure view.jpg (109125 bytes)    Old flexure concept for Grid attachment.