LAT Tracker Technical Documents

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In the Status column, NC means that the document is drafted but is not expected to be put under configuration control.

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Title or Subject Document Number Status


LAT Science Requirements Document LAT-SS-00010 released
Tracker Subsystem Level-III Specification LAT-SS-00017 released
Tracker Subsystem Level-IV Specification LAT-SS-00134 released 
Tracker Subsystem Level-IV Electronics Specification LAT-SS-00152 released
Tracker-Module Verification Matrix LAT-SS-04126 in release

Interface Specifications

Tracker Mechanical/Thermal Interface Specification LAT-SS-00138 released
Tracker Electrical Interface Specification LAT-SS-00176 released

Design Specifications

Naming Conventions for GLAST Tracker Construction LAT-TD-00376 NC
LAT Coordinate and Numbering Systems LAT-TD-00035 released
Tracker Dimensions and Masses LAT-TD-00177 draft
LAT Mass Report LAT-TD-00564 released
Tracker Preliminary Design Report LAT-TD-00156 NC
Tracker Mechanical Design, PDR Document LAT-TD-00489 NC
Tracker Readout Electronics Conceptual Design LAT-SS-00168 NC
Tracker Front-end Readout ASIC Specification LAT-SS-00169 released
Tracker Readout Controller ASIC Specification LAT-SS-00170 released
Tracker Multi-Chip Module Specification LAT-SS-00171 draft
Tracker Grounding and Shielding Plan LAT-TD-00173 draft
Conceptual Design of the Tracker Fabrication Database LAT-TD-00384 NC
LAT Silicon-Strip Detector Layout Recommendation LAT-TD-00070 NC
Tracker Reliability Analysis (FMEA) LAT-TD-00178 NC

Tracker Parts and Materials

LAT EEE Parts Program Control Plan LAT-MD-00099 released
LAT EEE Parts Identification List LAT-TD-00401 released
LAT Mechanical Materials and Parts List LAT-DS-00405 released

Procurement Specifications

Control on Non-Conforming Product LAT-MD-00471 in work
LAT Tracker Parts and Components Spares Plan LAT-TD-01379 released
Tracker Silicon-Strip Detector Specification LAT-DS-00011 released
QA Provisions for the LAT Silicon-Strip Detectors LAT-CR-00082 released
Polyswitch Resettable Fuse Specification LAT-SS-01116 released
LAT PWB Procurement Specification LAT-DS-01448 released
Flex Cable Procurement, QA, and Qualification Requirements LAT-PS-01132 released
Procurement Specification for the High Voltage Capacitor LAT-PS-01194 released
Front-end Readout ASIC (GTFE) procurement specification LAT-PS-01201 released
Readout Controller ASIC (GTRC) procurement specification LAT-PS-01222 released
Tracker ASIC Lapping, Dicing, and Inspection Specification LAT-PS-01321 released
Tray Panels – Technical requirements of subcontract LAT-SS-00776 draft
Tray Panels – Tracker Tray pre-preg material acceptance specifications LAT-SS-00755 draft
Tracker Nano-Connector Procurement Specification LAT-DS-01807 draft
Tracker Tower Shipping Container Specification LAT-PS-04232 draft
Tracker Sidewall Procurement Specification LAT-PS-03467 released
Carbon-Carbon Material Procurement LAT-TD-03616 draft

Flight Production Assembly Procedures and SOWs

Ladder Assembly Procedure:
Tracker Flight Ladder Assembly Procedure LAT-PS-00635 released
Ladder Assembly: Ladder Acceptance Criteria LAT-PS-00891 released
Tracker SSD Ladder Fabrication Database LAT-TD-00914 released
Tray Composite Panel Assembly Procedure:
LAT Tracker Tray Panel Assembly Procedure LAT-PS-01584 released
Tracker Top/Bottom Tray Panel Assembly Procedure LAT-PS-03613 released
Bottom Tray Static Test Procedure LAT-PS-03993 released
LAT Tracker Tray Fabrication Database LAT-PS-01601 draft
Tracker Tray Test, Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry LAT-PS-01918 released
Tray Thermal-Vacuum Test Procedure LAT-PS-03349 released
Tray Assembly Procedure:
MCM Incoming Inspection and Test Plan LAT-PS-03359 released
Procedure for integration of MCMs & Ladders onto trays LAT-PS-01801 released
Single layer tray silicon test plan LAT-PS-03534 released
Tracker Stacked Tray Test Plan LAT-PS-03361 released
MCM Assembly Procedure:
MCM Assembly Procedure at Teledyne LAT-DS-01856 released at Teledyne
Teledyne MCM Statement of Work LAT-PS-02158 released
MCM Test Procedure LAT-PS-01971 released
MCM Test Stand Acceptance Test LAT-PS-03762 released
MCM Burn-In Procedure LAT-TD-02367 released
Pitch-adapter screening procedure LAT-PS-03527 released
EGSE/Burn-In test stand acceptance test LAT-PS-03767 released
Burn-In Flex-Circuit Cable Assembly Process Instructions LAT-DS-02352 released
MCM termination resistor rework SOW LAT-DS-04104 released
MCM pre-ship inspection procedure LAT-DS-04879 released
MCM conformal coat rework procedure LAT-PS-05038 released
Readout Cable Assembly Procedure:
Tracker Readout Cable Statement of Work LAT-PS-02463 released
Cable test procedure LAT-PS-03866 released
Procedure for testing cables with MCMs and EGSE LAT-PS-04643 released
Tracker Tower-Module Assembly Procedure:
Tower module assembly procedure LAT-PS-01854 released
Tower module electrical test procedure LAT-TD-00191 released
Tracker Tower Handoff Electrical Test Plan LAT-TD-04642 released
Tracker Tower Handoff Electrical Test Procedure LAT-PS-05481 released
Packaging, Handling, and Transportation LAT-PS-04525 draft
Tracker Subsystem Receiving Procedure LAT-PS-05471 released
EMI shielding plan LAT-PS-05442 draft
EMI Acceptance Test Procedure LAT-TD-05462 released
Tower EMI tape procedure LAT-PS-05647 released
Alignment Plans and Procedures:
TKR Assembly and Alignment Plan LAT-MD-03566 in release
TKR Tower CMM Alignment Procedure LAT-PS-04645 in release
LAT Optical Survey Plan LAT-MD-00895 draft
LAT Integration Sequence LAT-MD-00676 released

Test Plans and Procedures

General QA Documents and Plans:

LAT Program Performance Assurance Implementation Plan LAT-MD-00039 released
TKR Quality Assurance Implementation Plan LAT-SS-01639 draft
LAT Program Instrument Performance Verification Plan LAT-MD-00408 released
LAT Environmental Test Specification LAT-SS-00778 released
Contamination Control Plan LAT-MD-00228 released
EGSE Test Stand TKR MCM Setup LAT-TD-03605 released
Hardware Testing
Silicon Strip Detectors Test Plans:
Testing Procedures for the LAT Silicon-Strip Detectors LAT-TD-00085 released
Tracker SSD Dimensional and Electrical Inspection Procedure LAT-TD-00527 released
SSD INFN Acceptance Test: Nonconforming Product Procedure LAT-PS-00887 released
SSD Ladder DAQ Software for Electrical Tests LAT-TD-01166 NC
Mechanical Test Plans:
Tower A Vibration Test Procedure LAT-TD-05310 released
Tower A Thermal-Vacuum Test Procedure LAT-TD-05311 released
Bottom Tray Static Proof Test Plan LAT-TD-02314 released
Bottom Tray Static Proof Test Analysis and Predictions LAT-TD-02354 NC
Tracker Tower Vibration Test Plan LAT-TD-00155 released
Tracker Tower Vibration Test Procedure LAT-TD-05499 released
Tracker Tower Thermal Test Plan LAT-TD-01840 released
Tracker Tower T/V test procedure LAT-TD-05500 released
Tracker Tray Vibration Test Plan LAT-TD-00154 released
Tracker Tray Thermal Test Plan LAT-TD-01839 released
DAQ Software for the Tray Thermal Test LAT-TD-04243 NC
GLAST Tracker Tower '01 Prototype Random Vibration Test Plan LAT-TD-00784 NC
Engineering Model Tower Vibration Test Plan LAT-TD-01841 draft
Engineering Model Tower Vibration Test Procedure LAT-TD-02363 draft
GLAST Tower Vibration Test Analysis & Predictions LAT-TD-02604 draft
Engineering Model Tower Thermal Test Plan LAT-TD-01842 draft
Engineering Model Tower Thermal Vacuum Test Procedure LAT-TD-02643 draft
Engineering Model Tray Vibration Test Plan LAT-TD-01004 NC
Engineering Model Tray Thermal Test Plan LAT-TD-01037 NC
Electrical Test Plans:
Tracker EGSE Software Users Guide LAT-TD-03362 NC
Test Plan for the Tracker Preproduction ASICs LAT-TD-00881 NC
Tracker Front-end Readout ASIC Prototype Test Plan LAT-TD-00246 NC
Test Plan for the Tracker Electronics LAT-TD-00153 released
Tracker Tower Electrical Test Plan LAT-TD-00191 released
Tracker ASIC Wafer Probing Test Procedure LAT-PS-01250 released
Tracker Front-end Readout ASIC Wafer Test Procedure LAT-TD-00247 released
Tracker Readout Controller ASIC Wafer Test Procedure LAT-TD-00248 released
Tracker Multi-Chip Module Test Plan LAT-TD-00249 released
Radiation Test Plan for the Tracker ASICs LAT-PS-01325 released
MCM Qualification Test Plan LAT-TD-2366 released

Test Results

Verification by Analysis

Tracker Performance Analysis Report LAT-TD-02062  NC
Mechanical Test Results:
Tower A vibe test report LAT-TD-05494 NC
Tower A thermal-vacuum test report LAT-TD-05495 NC
Tower B vibe test report LAT-TD-05777 NC
Tower B thermal-vacuum test report LAT-TD-05778 NC
First flight tray static test results LAT-TD-04759 NC
SN003 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-05440 NC
SN004 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-06432 NC
SN005 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-05774 NC
SN006 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-05493 NC
SN007 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-05775 NC
SN008 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-05776 NC
SN009 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-06272 NC
SN010 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-06533 NC
SN011 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-06271 NC
SN012 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-07068 NC
SN013 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-06809 NC
SN014 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-07069 NC
SN015 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-07070 NC
SN017 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-07071 NC
SN018 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-07072 NC
SN022 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-07073 NC
SN024 Bottom Tray Static Test Results LAT-TD-07428 NC
Final EM bottom tray static test results LAT-TD-04758 NC
June 2004 EM vibe test results LAT-TD-04310 NC
Summary of Results for the Static Test of the Bottom Tray and Flexure Qualification (Hytec 102090-0009) LAT-TD-03799 NC
Report on EM Tower Thermal Balance Tests Results LAT-TD-03609 NC
Tracker EM tray vibration test results LAT-TD-02763 NC
Tracker EM tower vibration test results LAT-TD-02766 NC
Production and measurements of the mechanical ladders for the EM LAT-TD-00879 NC
Production and measurements of the working ladders for the EM LAT-TD-00880 NC
Test of 10 Ladders at G&A made with Nusil Encapsulation Materials LAT-TD-1322 NC
Measurements of Imparted Strain in Simulated LAT SSDs LAT-TD-00160 NC
Experimental Determination of Allowable Stress Limits in LAT SSDs LAT-TD-00161 NC
Measurement of Imparted Strain in SSD Ladders LAT-TD-00346 NC
Bend Tests on Ladders to Determine Ultimate Strength HTN-102050-0016 NC
Dynamic, Thermal, and Vacuum Test Results for GLAST Prototype Mid Trays with Payload HTN-102070-0014 NC
LAT Tracker Tower 01 Random Vibration Test Results HTN-102070-0016 NC
Thermal Test Results on Thick Converter Trays LAT-TD-01005 NC
Magnetic Measurements of Invar in Configuration Proposed for Lower Tray Design LAT-TD-01144 NC
Bottom Tray Strength Calculation and Joint Allowable Values (COI Report) LAT-TD-01248 NC
Thermal Test Results on Pre-Engineering Model Trays LAT-TD-01249 NC
Tracker sidewall coupon test report LAT-TD-06991 NC
Tracker Structural Material Test Results LAT-TD-01875 NC
Tracker Sidewall Coupon Thermal Cycles Tests LAT-TD-03065 NC
Carbon-Carbon Allowables Test Plan and Final Report (COI Report) LAT-TD-03569 NC

SSD Test Results:

Results from Testing of the LAT SSD Prototypes LAT-TD-00086 NC
Heavy Ion Irradiation of LAT Silicon Strip Detectors LAT-TD-00128 NC
SSD QA: Irradiations up to October 2002 LAT-TD-01078 NC
Electronics Test Results:
Tower EMI/EMC Qualification Test Report LAT-TD-06641 NC
Flex-Circuit Cable Termination Resistor Variation LAT-TD-04941 NC
MCM/ASIC Qualification Test Report LAT-TD-04898 NC
Polyswitch Qualification Testing LAT-TD-02603 NC
Polyswitch Accelerated Aging LAT-TD-02500 NC
Polyswitch Sample Testing at Raychem LAT-TD-02591 NC
Single-Event Effects Tests of the Tracker Readout ASIC LAT-TD-00333 NC
GTFE Preproduction SEE Testing at Legnaro LAT-TD-01632 NC
Single-Channel Noise Occupancy in the BTEM LAT-TD-00364 NC
Test Results for the GTFE64d Prototype LAT-TD-00545 NC
First Calibration Scan Results on a Tracker Ladder LAT-TD-01023 NC
Trigger Noise Rate Measurements on a Tracker Ladder LAT-TD-1060 NC
Test results on the Tracker ASIC prototypes LAT-TD-1090 NC
GTFE and GTRCv6 TID testing LAT-TD-03465 NC
GTFE and GTRCv7 TID testing LAT-TD-03587 NC

Reports on Tracker Studies & Experience

MCM Encapsulation Thermal Analysis LAT-TD-05826 NC
Spice simulations of the effects of heavy ions LAT-TD-08248 NC
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Temperature Dependence LAT-TD-03715 NC
Results from the Accelerated Thermo-vac Aging of Flight Lot Polyswitch Resettable Devices LAT-TD-02500 NC
Stress Analysis of the Flexure-to-Grid Interface Design LAT-TD-03480 NC
Tracker Internal Charge-up Analysis LAT-TD-02724 NC
Tracker Converter Foil Trade Study LAT-TD-02355 NC
Optical Inspection of Minitower MCM Pitch Adapters LAT-TD-02334 NC
LAT Tracker Efficiency versus Bay Temperature LAT-TD-02320 NC
MCM Design Trades and Dielectric Thickness LAT-TD-02328 NC
Lessons Learned in the EM MCM Fabrication LAT-TD-01495 NC
BTEM Tracker Construction LAT-TD-00159 NC
LAT SSD Prototyping Process and Status LAT-TD-00142 NC
Test Results on ST SSD Prototypes LAT-TD-00116 NC
Evaluation of GLAST LAT SSD Leakage Current Specification LAT-TD-00122 NC
Thermal Runaway LAT-TD-00625 NC
SSD Operating Temperature limits LAT-TD-00673 NC
Noise Analysis of the Tracker Amplifier LAT-TD-00232 NC
End-of-Mission Noise in GLAST Silicon Detectors LAT-TD-00201 NC
Temperature Dependence of the End-of-Mission Noise LAT-TD-00603 NC
GLAST Ladder Prototype Production LAT-TD-00445 NC
TOT Requirements for the Tracker Electronics LAT-TD-00244 NC
Tracker Structural Material Selection LAT-TD-00163 NC
Tracker Converter Optimization Trade Study LAT-TD-00029 NC
TMCM Design: Thermal Bonding to the Closeout LAT-TD-00162 NC
LAT Tracker ASICs LAT-TD-00386 NC
Summary of Tracker Pre-engineering-Model Prototype Tray and Tower-Module Testing LAT-TD-00793 NC
Self shielding of the LAT Tracker and Tracker ASIC TID Requirements LAT-TD-1165 NC
Thermal contact resistance between tray and sidewall LAT-TD-06998 NC

Tracker Simulation and Reconstruction Software

Signal Simulation in Silicon Strip Detectors and Digit Package Development LAT-TD-01058 NC
Mini TKR Trigger Timing Study LAT-TD-01128 NC

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